“The Powerhouse of Meditation – From Stress to Vitality:” Kath Reade Releases Her New Book With Secrets To Personal Success

Kath Reade has recently launched her new book “The Powerhouse of Meditation – From Stress to Vitality”, which is a comprehensive guide to the multiple benefits of meditation in life. This new book is available to buy on Amazon Kindle. The signed copies of this book are also available on www.kathreade.co.uk.

This book aims to help both beginners, expert meditators and teachers can also recommend this book to their students to practice meditation in their starting stages and take it as a companion for their journey to a successful and creative life. It is no secret that many successful businesses now encourage and support meditation as a way to clear our minds and become fully creative and effective. 

Kath Reade is a Best selling author/singer-songwriter/meditation teacher/sound healer/gong master/reiki master/former NHS leader and international speaker on health and regeneration. She has played many roles in life and writing this book is a compilation of her vast experience . 

This book will take away your preoccupation with past and future  worries to help you sleep better. The Powerhouse of Meditation – From Stress to Vitality is a short and concise book that doesn’t take much headspace. A simple but wonderful gift for loved ones. This book  has a free You Tube 14-day meditation course to establish a daily practice, and research has proven time and time again that a daily short meditation  practice helps to create more contentment and compassion in your life.

The other unique selling proposition (USP) of this book is a case study on how to set up a local community meditation group with a case study of Kath’s meditation group in Burnley, in the top 1% of the most deprived neighborhoods in England, which is both humorous and deeply moving.

This book is an experience driven by Kath’s life experience and her compassionate teachings . She is deeply  inspirational to many in her meditations, songs and teachings, Kath has written this book to be both a meditation in itself and an indispensable easy guide to meditation in only 100 pages. To read this book, visit here. 

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