Vismaya Rubin Nominated for Celebrate You Wellness Woman of the Year 2020

Vismaya Rubin, the founder of Living in GRATITUDE Today, teacher, speaker, and best-selling author, is nominated for Celebrate You Wellness Woman of the Year 2020. Rubin was honored by Celebrate You Wellness in May 2020. She is one of nine women to be honored on Saturday, February 6, 2021, from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. EST, at the first Celebrate You Woman of the Year Virtual Gala. One nominee will be chosen as the Celebrate You Woman of the Year 2020 during the virtual event.


Vismaya Rubin said her favorite role is that of a “GRATITUDE Gangsta, whatttt?” Rubin explained that A GRATITUDE Gangsta is skilled in the art of appreciation, lives life to the fullest, and finds magic in life’s challenges. “My mission is to fill the world with GRATITUDE Gangstas!” Rubin’s journey began in 1997 in the classroom of an inner-city school, where she encouraged her students to find the beauty and joy in their life by shifting their perspectives despite adversity. 


“When my high school freshmen entered the room, they carried more than the weight of their backpacks,” she said. “Feelings of worthlessness and depression, secrets of unreported abuse, and the inability to protect the ones they loved weighed them down. My greatest challenge was figuring out how to teach my curriculum and lighten their emotional load.”


That year, Rubin helped her students create a monthly GRATITUDE chart. It was a list of 20 unique things they were grateful for that month.


“In August, I was met with blank stares. Some said they would lie, while others complained they had nothing to be grateful for. By November, the thank you messages began. By February, they were excited to fill out their charts and turn them in.” 


Over just a few months, Rubin saw her students change for the better. “Some expressed gratitude for evenings and weekends at home with their family, relationships between siblings improved, and most importantly, they believed they mattered. You see, nothing changed but their perception of their reality,” Rubin said.


“Knowing my message could change lives, I decided to leave the classroom and share it with the world,” she said. “What started as a hobby became the Living in GRATITUDE Today Movement.” Through Rubin’s research and life experience, she learned that when “we practice gratitude, we open the door for more happiness, joy, productivity, and stronger connections with the people around us.”


Rubin now teaches about gratitude at live events and live webinars worldwide. The Living in GRATITUDE Today Movement and GRATITUDE swag was designed to support people in growing their GRATITUDE muscle. 



Rubin offers some tips about how to use gratitude for success in life. “1. Be kind to yourself; you will make mistakes. 2. Practice GRATITUDE. 3. Have a plan in place and be open to new opportunities.”


Rubin has remained focused on the journey to success for the movement,” I’ve had to learn how to get out of my own way and not be such a perfectionist,” she said. “Two of my favorite mantras are “Done is better than none!” and “The Universe has my back!””


As a Celebrate Your Wellness Woman of 2020 nominee, Rubin said her “goal for 2021 is to continue to grow the Living in GRATITUDE Today Movement so that families, communities, and the world experience the ripple effect of this simple, yet poignant, practice.” 


“My superpower is showing people how to find happiness in their life even when faced with adversity,” Rubin said. “Living in GRATITUDE Today focuses on rewiring the brain to find what’s right rather than what’s wrong.” 


Rubin has many courses in production and says people can experience being a GRATITUDE Gangsta for a free seven day trial at


“Members of the Living in GRATITUDE Today Movement receive daily reminders, tips, and tricks on how they can strengthen their GRATITUDE muscle. At Living in GRATITUDE Today we prescribe to the belief that it is a GRATITUDE Practice, not an Attitude of GRATITUDE that promotes real shifts in your levels of happiness, optimism, and resilience.”


Contact Rubin at and 


LaWanna Bradford, co-founder of the Celebrate Your Wellness program, said that Rubin’s message inspires individuals to live in gratitude.


Co-Founder LaWanna Bradford explained, “In Celebrate You, we believe that when a woman can embrace and celebrate herself truly, she is then able to rise up and make an impact in the lives of her family, her community, the nation, and ultimately the world.”


“These exceptional women are leaders and influencers. They always seek to find ways to encourage, inspire, uplift, and celebrate others,” she said.


Bradford said, “We are excited to announce that the Master of Ceremonies is the Regional Sales Director with Provenir, Harlan Bradford, Jr., and live music will be played by two-time Emmy-award winning bassist, Tony Saunders. 


Tickets are on sale for $10.


The virtual celebration will be filled with tributes, spotlights, music, laughter, and a lot of fun. Everyone to “glam up from the waist up” and get ready to get your celebrate on! 


All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Help Heal Humanity Charity. Help Heal Humanity is an internationally registered charity mindfully designed to provide the world’s most vulnerable youth with access to education, food, support, and love. Learn more about their service at Help Heal Humanity . 


About Celebrate You Wellness

Celebrate You was founded by visionary LaWanna Bradford with co-founders Barbara Beckley, Gwen Marshall, and Jacqueline Lulu Brown.

“Our Celebrate You Women Embracing Wellness movement is designed for women to truly celebrate their lives spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially and to reach for the highest and best version of themselves,” said LaWanna Bradford.

“It is about standing in your truth and being able to love yourself, embrace yourself, and always celebrate you!”

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