Go from Stress to Success with Shim Ravalia’s 7-Step System

For those who find themselves getting burned out from juggling work, family, and friends, are tired of being sick and tired, and need time to de-stress from an overly busy life, Shim Ravalia’s Stress to Success 7-Step System is the answer!

Having been an overworked business owner herself, and on a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs, Shim’s biggest pain-point was trying to find time to do the things she loved to do without feeling exhausted, by having to fit them into an already busy schedule. The importance of self-care in today’s working world is now a non-negotiable for business women. That is why Shim founded her business called “The Gut Intuition” and her focus is helping highly-driven women in business go from stressed to success.

Her Stress to Success 7-Step System focuses on the key areas that attribute to fatigue and burnout in today’s society. The key areas she focuses on are: Stress Management, Sleep, Food & Sugar Management, Hydration and Environment, which all tie into the “Gut-Brain Connection”. These key topics focus on ways to identify and re-balance gut health to live the best life possible. Shim uses 1:2:1 coaching, online programs and workshops to give women space to grow and learn from using practical steps and tools that make them more resilient to overcoming hurdles and challenges that come their way. Through her program, the techniques can help highly-driven business women grow a profitable and expansive business in a healthy way.

What makes the 7-Step Program work is by following the proven success system, which includes guidelines for managing stress, eating and drinking better, sleeping and moving well. It supports individuals in learning the proper ways to overcome intimidating obstacles that often impede one’s well-being in these common areas.

Given the recent worldwide pandemic, there is a growing need to raise awareness and offer help and guidance around stress related gut issues, weight problems, low energy, burnout and the importance of looking after one’s mental health. Shim steps away from the one-size-fits-all approach and educates people with tools that are individualized and specific to their needs. Her new venture, that launched in June 2020, called “The Better Balance, Better Business Accelerator” was created to help highly-driven women in business bounce back quicker, have more energy, and a better work-life balance so that they are able to get things done, feel amazing & obtain financial freedom! She is also a Co-Founder of the Queens In Business Club combining health and business education together for female entrepreneurs.

Shim recognizes that women will always face challenges and setbacks with their health and their business, and her platform of comprehensive and unique systems and tools were designed to be a game-changer. The platform allows women to grow and learn about themselves in a healthy productive way so that they can focus their attention on correcting poor habits and replacing them with a variety of healthier choices, rather than looking for one thing to solve everything.



Shim Ravalia is a Gut Stress Expert & Holistic Coach, and the CEO and Founder of The Gut Intuition who specializes in stress management, stress awareness, gut health and microbiome, mental health awareness, pain management, cellular connectivity and positive self-talk and mindfulness. As the CEO and Founder of The Gut Intuition, Shim is helping highly-driven women in business go from stressed to success by giving the proper tools to be healthy, have a better work-life balance allowing them to feel more amazing, earn more money and live a more fulfilling life without burning out. She is also a Co-Founder of the Queens In Business Club providing education and empowerment for female entrepreneurs in health and business together.

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