Bianca Jane Langstaff announces upcoming book, “Intuitive Goddess”

Intuitive Goddess is the 2nd in the Goddess series by The London Publishing House. It features inspirational women sharing their real-life stories of how they listened to their call into greatness and wrote their own realities; manifesting their love, health and success, and harnessing their feminine power to build lives far beyond their dreams. 

It was June 2019 when Bianca went into labour with her firstborn. Since she found out she was pregnant, she had researched the natural process of birth and was supported by her husband and her doula. She felt confident, prepared and excited to meet her baby. 

After just a few hours of extremely intense contractions, fear started to creep in as her baby wasn’t centered correctly and was in a posterior position. This was causing immense pressure on her lower back and she didn’t know how much more she could take. 

Her husband held her tight and whispered in her ear “Remember, you need to stay positive now. Your mindset is everything. Your body knows what to do.” Reminding her of all the preparation she had done to have a natural, empowered birth.

With those words, Bianca released the fear. Suddenly, her baby shifted into the correct position and glided out of the birth canal easefully within just 3 minutes, with no pushing or intervention needed. Her baby was born into Daddy’s arms in their own home. An incredible freebirth, with no medical assistance present, just her husband and her. 

“When I let go of any fear, trusted my feminine power and allowed my body to do what it already knew how to do, my baby instantly got into the correct position and made his way out. “I knew then that I needed to share this magic with as many women as possible, how to trust and prepare for a natural birth, as well as deepening one’s intuition to guide the way. This sets a strong foundation for Motherhood” said Bianca. “I’ve since had another baby, a daughter this time, born in just 2.5 hours and this was another incredible natural and unexpected freebirth at home. It was seamless because by then I’d been able to fully trust myself, trust my intuition and the natural process of birth. Birth is a most Sacred event and as women we have the power to have the most Sacred, empowering, natural experience. What a gift to ourselves and our baby as we enter Motherhood ”

Intuitive Goddess will be released on 11th January 2023 and will be available on Amazon KDP and the Lulu bookstore. 

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