Dominique Dieujuste, Financial Professional & CEO of Dieujuste Financial, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing Generational Wealth

Dominique Dieujuste discusses how to create Generational Wealth effectively. 

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Generational wealth is a goal many families have but often don’t know how to create. It takes dedication, commitment, and a strategy to build and maintain wealth over multiple generations. Here are some tips for creating generational wealth:

  1. Establish and Prioritize Financial Goals: The first step in creating generational wealth is establishing clear financial goals. This involves looking at short-term goals (such as retirement savings) and long-term goals (such as leaving an inheritance). Once people have determined their financial objectives, it’s important to prioritize them so they can focus their efforts on the most important ones.
  2. Start Investing Early: The sooner people start investing, the more time they’ll have to benefit from the power of compound interest—which means that their returns will grow exponentially over time. Additionally, starting early allows a family to invest in smaller amounts each month, which can be easier on the budget than making significant investments all at once.
  3. Create an Emergency Fund: A rainy-day fund is essential for any family looking to create generational wealth. Setting aside money in case of unexpected expenses or financial hardships is important so that short-term events won’t derail long-term goals.
  4. Diversify Investments: Diversification is critical when it comes to investing for the future. This means creating a portfolio of different investments, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. This way, people will be able to spread the risk across a variety of asset classes and mitigate potential losses.
  5. Utilize Tax Strategies: Families can use various tax strategies to their advantage when it comes to creating generational wealth. These include converting traditional retirement accounts into Roth IRAs or utilizing capital gains or dividend harvesting techniques. It’s important to research these options carefully and speak with a financial planner before making any decisions.
  6. Teach Financial Literacy: Teaching financial literacy is one of the best ways to create generational wealth. It’s important to educate family members (including future generations) on budgeting, investing, and saving for retirement so that they can make smart decisions when it comes time to take control of their finances. Additionally, fostering a healthy attitude towards money can help instill good habits in future generations and set them up for long-term success.
  7. Take Advantage of Automation: Automation is a potent tool that can be used to create generational wealth. For example, setting up automatic monthly payments or investments can help ensure that people’s savings are growing as quickly as possible without manually managing each transaction. Additionally, automatic rebalancing in investments can help keep a portfolio balanced and optimized for maximum returns.
  8. Make Sure the Estate Plan Is Up-to-Date: An up-to-date estate plan is essential for any family looking to create generational wealth. Not only will it ensure that assets are distributed according to the wishes of the deceased, but it can also provide tax advantages and protect against legal challenges down the road. It’s important to speak with a qualified attorney or financial planner to ensure that an estate plan reflects people’s current situation and objectives.
  9. Make Generational Wealth an Ongoing Priority: Building generational wealth is not something that can be accomplished overnight—it takes time and dedication to achieve success. People need to make sure that their goals are realistic and measurable so that they can track their progress and ensure that they’re staying on course for long-term success. Additionally, it’s important to keep generational wealth alive by regularly discussing it with family members so everyone remains committed to building a legacy together.
  10. Monitor Progress Regularly: Finally, it’s important to monitor progress when attempting to create generational wealth. Keeping track of investments and other assets on an ongoing basis will help ensure that goals are being met and that any changes in strategy or approach can be made quickly if necessary. Additionally, this will allow family members to remain engaged in the process and provide feedback on what is working well and where improvements need to be made.

Dominique said: “It’s important to remember that creating generational wealth is an ongoing process—one that requires dedication, financial literacy, and discipline in order to be successful. With careful planning and monitoring, however, you can ensure that the legacy of wealth you leave for your family is one filled with security and prosperity for years to come.”


 About Dominique Dieujuste

Dominique Dieujuste is the CEO of Dieujuste Financial, LLC. As one of Atlanta’s most trusted Financial Professionals, Dominique’s goal is to be a valuable life-time resource for all of his clients. His focus is bridging the gap to your financial future with sound retirement, financial strategy consulting, financial literacy programming and insurance options backed by unmatched customer care.

Prior to Dieujuste Financial LLC, Dominique enjoyed over three years of financial services at MetLife and National Financial Service Group, where his ability to sincerely connect with his clients cultivated his value as a financial professional. In addition to a successful career, Dominique is committed to serving his community as a mentor and coach to many young adults inspiring them to achieve their life goals.

Dominique also embraces professional community involvement as exemplified through his service as the past  President of the South Dekalb Business Association.

Dominique is a proud alumnus of the University of North Georgia where he earned B.S in Finance. He enjoys playing basketball in his spare time and is committed to health and wellness.

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