Brett Baird, Producing Sales Manager with CrossCountry Mortgage, Interviewed on the Colorado Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Brett Baird discusses how treating clients with empathy creates know, like, and trust.

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Treating clients with empathy helps to create a feeling of know, like and trust. When clients feel that a salesperson understands where they are coming from and take the time to get to know them, this helps forge an emotional connection between them and their client.

Empathy also leads to better customer service experiences, which can positively affect overall customer loyalty. When customers feel that their concerns are being heard, validated, and addressed promptly, they are more likely to remain loyal customers for extended periods. It is this type of relationship building that creates strong customer relationships as well as increased satisfaction levels among current customers.

In addition to better customer service experiences, treating clients with empathy can also help establish stronger relationships. By taking the time to understand each customer’s unique needs and wants, salespeople can foster a sense of trust that leads to repeat business and referrals.

Finally, treating people with empathy in all interactions sets an example for others in the company or organization. This helps create a culture of respect, compassion, and understanding throughout the enterprise, leading to greater productivity and innovation.

Brett said: “Treating clients with empathy is essential for creating strong customer relationships, increasing customer satisfaction levels, fostering loyalty and generating repeat business. When businesses take the time to really get to know their customers on an individual level and treat them with respect and understanding, it sends a powerful message that they care about their clients and value them as people. This is invaluable in today’s increasingly competitive market where customer service can make or break a business. In order to succeed, businesses must be willing to go the extra mile for their customers and treat them with empathy every step of the way.”

About Brett Baird

A real estate market leader, Brett Baird’s strategic risk-taking and person-centered approach have positioned him as an influential force in the mortgage industry. Ranked in the USA’s top .01% of loan officers in 2021 and placed 13th in the country for FHA loans, his industry insight and global perspective allow him to develop creative strategies tailored to his client’s unique goals and priorities.

A proud Denver local, Brett cultivated deep roots in the area before immersing himself in Spain’s rich culture and becoming fluent in Spanish. It was here that he developed a nuanced understanding of people’s diverse needs, which has translated into his commitment to breaking free of the “cookie-cutter” approach to lending, and fuelled his passion for helping a wide range of individuals achieve their homeownership dreams.

Brett’s success story is one of unwavering dedication to his clients’ success and investment in his employees’ growth and development. This has seen him found the Top 5% retail mortgage lender, Baird Team, at CrossCountry Mortgage – a highly-driven bilingual team of experts who are committed to making homeownership accessible to everyone from first-time buyers to established investors. As he pioneers the way forward for the industry, he remains dedicated to one foundational goal – leading individuals to success with passion and purpose infused into every endeavour.

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