Utah-based equipment finance company is on a mission to help one thousand businesses before year-end.

Jason Ames, the owner of Direct Credit Funding in Ogden Utah, has set forth on a campaign to help small business grow their businesses.

Mr. Ames has a two-part plan for accomplishing his goal. Part one is to provide business owners access to accurate information targeted at growing their business. Part two is to provide access to impactful business credit and equipment leasing programs.

Ames stated, “There is so much inaccurate and incomplete information about business financing, equipment leasing, credit programs, and tax savings that we feel it is imperative to help provide accurate information and access to programs for business owners in these challenging economic times.  We consider ourselves a lender with a heart.”

Mr. Ames’s current focus is to help one thousand business owners take advantage of the tax savings currently available for equipment financing through IRS tax code Section 179.

Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Service code is designed to encourage businesses to invest in themselves by purchasing new equipment and receiving an immediate tax benefit.

As part of his launch, Mr. Ames and his team are conducting free phone consultations, speaking at local chambers of commerce events, providing free information through social media, and more.

“We are excited to have Jason and his team speak at our upcoming Lunch and Lean in November. We know Jason’s information will be valuable to our members and other local business owners.” Stated, Brett Lechtenberg, Chairman of the board for the Murray Utah Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Ames is making himself, and his team, available to business owners throughout Utah and around the country.

For more information go to https://www.directcreditfundingutah.com/ or call 801-334-9800

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