Tyrone Clark President and Founder of Brokers’ Choice of America, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Tyrone Clark discusses mentorship, technology, and success

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Success leaves clues, and aligning with a successful mentor can indeed lead to rapid career progression. Tyrone Clark’s journey in the financial services industry is a perfect example of this concept. At the young age of 17, Tyrone was brought into the business by a high-level estate planning financial advisor. By the time he was 23, he had already become the vice president of the company. This rapid career progression was made possible because he aligned himself with a mentor who was a top producer in the industry.

Tyrone’s mentor introduced him to the benefits of life insurance, estate planning, and later on, annuities. Through his mentor’s guidance and expertise, Tyrone became proficient and knowledgeable in these areas before they became mainstream in the industry. His mentorship with industry legends and pioneers allowed him to be at the forefront of groundbreaking products like the first index annuity and bonus annuity.

Furthermore, Tyrone’s experience in conducting over 2,000 consumer seminars across 49 states showcased his hands-on approach to learning and mastering the sales process. This exposure to various challenges and audiences honed his skills in closing deals, presenting products, and handling objections effectively.

Tyrone’s success story underscores the importance of mentorship in career advancement. By aligning with a successful mentor, individuals can benefit from their experience, knowledge, and network, accelerating their learning curve and opening doors to opportunities they might not have accessed otherwise. Tyrone’s journey serves as a testament to the power of mentorship in achieving rapid career progression and success in the financial services industry.

In the podcast episode featuring Tyrone Clark, the president and founder of Brokers Choice of America, he highlighted the significant impact of working with a mentor who has been successful in the desired field. Tyrone’s own success story began when he was brought into the financial services business at the age of 17 by a high-level estate planning financial advisor. By the age of 23, he had become the vice president of the company, showcasing the rapid growth and learning opportunities that come with mentorship.

Tyrone shared: “If you want to climb the ladder, work with somebody who’s been there and done that and is willing to mentor you to climb the ladder. And so it’s kind of like mentorship.”

Overall, Tyrone’s story underscores the importance of seeking mentorship from those who have achieved success in the desired field. By learning from experienced professionals, individuals can gain valuable insights, avoid common pitfalls, and accelerate their own growth and success. Mentorship not only provides guidance and knowledge but also instills confidence and motivation to pursue goals with a clear roadmap to success.


About Tyrone Clark

Tyrone Clark is a national speaker, an educator, a mentor, a teacher, a financial advisor, a sales and marketing consultant,  an author, and a serial entrepreneur and CEO. Tyrone has had an amazing career that has touched thousands of lives.

Tyrone has been on the advisory board of numerous insurance companies. He’s designed several insurance products, written many articles, and written and co-authored multiple books. Tyrone has appeared in numerous media sources.

Tyrone’s heart and passion are part of the journey of the insurance agent because, as an agent, Tyrone rose through the ranks from being a successful salesperson to management to being a National FMO and company founder. His FMO is one of the oldest FMOs in the nation.

For over 33 years as an FMO, Brokers Choice of America has been a nationally recognized leader in Annuity sales and ranked as a number one sales achiever for numerous insurance carriers.

Tyrone has also assisted other FMOs in getting started and has been active with many Industry Trade groups. Tyrone has been called the agent’s agent, having trained more than 8,000 agents and conducted over 2,000 consumer seminars and workshops in 49 states.

If you’re a licensed financial advisor, you’ve received or read the five national magazines that Tyrone is a co-founder of, and they have been a game changer in the industry. Undoubtedly, Tyrone has been an influencer, a disruptor, and a game-changer in the industry. Soon, Tyrone will launch his national podcast for advisors.

Tyrone has also been a serial entrepreneur for numerous start-up companies outside the insurance industry. He has been a proud supporter of the Community and Chamber of Commerce. His most important gift is his faith, which he says overshadows anything he has accomplished.

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