The Realistic Trader celebrates 10 years of trading advice with special birthday event

An online community designed to teach people how to grow their wealth through investing and trading is celebrating a landmark birthday with a special event. 

Money mentor Siam Kidd started The Realistic Trader in October 2013 because he was keen to pass on his wisdom and give people honest advice about how to trade in crypto and grow their portfolio. Ten years later, the friendly online community is still going strong and Siam is holding a social event where people can learn about macroeconomics, trading, and crypto to mark the occasion. 

The Realistic Trader 10th anniversary CUDL is being held in Wyboston, Bedfordshire, on Saturday, November 18. The events are usually for Realistic Trader members only but for the first time, tickets are available to the public. 

Siam, who runs six businesses and has become a millionaire through crypto trading, says: “Every two months, the Realistic Trader community meets up for a day of socialising and learning but as this is such a special occasion, we’re opening it up to the public. It will be a day of pure content with absolutely no selling at all because I hate that. 

“Trading and investing are vital financial skills and yet so many people don’t spend any time learning them. The Realistic Trader helps people learn how to achieve financial independence for themselves and busts many of the myths and misunderstandings, which surround the world of crypto trading.” 

The 10th-anniversary event will start at 10am with educational talks from Siam and guest speakers on topics including tax, trading, and business. The ticket includes lunch and dinner and after 6pm, there will be an opportunity to socialise and meet other people interested in wealth generation, investing, and trading. 

Tickets are £120 or free for members of The Realistic Trader community and you can book a place at 

Siam was originally an RAF pilot before he gave up his military career to become a full-time trader. In the first six years, he admits to making every trading mistake in the book but once he learned to trade successfully, he was keen to help others avoid making the same errors he did. 

He adds: “I was fed up with charlatans promoting get-rich-quick schemes so I set up Realistic Trader to be the most genuine and ethical financial education company out there. The reality is one can’t become financially independent in a year, it’s a five-to-10-year journey of constantly failing and improving, not a magic success bullet.” 

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