The “Discover Your Potential Show” With Dan Gilman & Anna Devere Covers The Natural Living Expo To Uncover Leading Trends In Holistic Health

What To Expect At The Natural Living Expo:

The Natural Living Expo is New England’s largest holistic health event, with over 200 exhibits, 60 free workshops, and healthy food vendors. The show is open from Saturday, November 11th, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sunday, November 12th, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm at the Best Western Royal Plaza Trade Center & Hotel in Marlborough, MA. This year marks the 16th Annual event, with an expected attendance of over 10,000. Guests look forward to new and practical ways to incorporate healthy living into their daily routine and get inspiration from practitioners and vendors of natural products for home and body. Go to to view and search the Exhibitor List by Keyword.

The “Discover Your Potential Show” will be filming from the expo, and co-hosts Dan Gilman and Anna Devere will be on hand at booth 1403. They offer guests a chance to be interviewed, and potential sponsors may enter a drawing to receive free advertising on the show. “Discover Your Potential” is currently broadcast on television, radio, and podcast platforms and connecting with iHeart Radio, WOR, and the Kathy Ireland Network in collaboration with Xen Sams on “A Moment of Xen.” Their interviews include personal development coaches, holistic health experts, and top motivational speakers and authors.

Discover Your Potential Is Synonymous With Holistic Health:

Holistic health has been at the heart of the “Discover Your Potential Show” for over 40 years. Initially, Cindy Gilman hosted a call-in radio format offering advice, encouragement, and inspired living practices over a wide range of topics. Her compassion touched the lives of many and filled her office with a steady stream of clients seeking her advice, but it was her radio show that inspired her son, Dan Gilman, to follow in her footsteps. Today, Dan uses his producer talent to broadcast “conversations that matter” with an updated approach to his mother’s legacy. However, the show remains faithful to her vision; empathy and compassion are at the center of everything.

Dan Gilman has made his mark as a Design Director for over 25 years. His entrepreneurial spirit shines through the founding of Hummingbird Radio. This forward-thinking company aids hosts and creators in building their brands and formulating effective communication strategies. Dan’s other initiatives include radio, television, social media, and various social audio applications. He currently holds a Board Member position on Traverse TV.

Dan is presently under the mentorship of renowned motivational speaker Les Brown and the accomplished Mario Armstrong, focusing on nurturing sponsorships. Joining him in this mission is his new co-host, Anna Devere, who is a formidable presence who brings her own brand of talent and expertise. Together, Dan and Anna are committed to globally inspiring and motivating people.

Co-host Anna Devere brings a background in craniosacral, reiki, massage, and bodywork to the mix. Anna has pursued holistic health personally and professionally her entire life but more recently discovered a passion for media that mirrors Dan’s mission. Together, they find a strong sense of combined purpose in featuring the gifts of others, and covering the Natural Living Expo is a highlight in their show lineup.

Anna Devere is a natural-born storyteller.  As a child, she followed her innate curiosity for people by writing songs.  That talent blossomed in her youth and led her to an early life in the theater. She received a Bachelor of Arts in her hometown of Las Vegas, where she continued her professional career on stage, tech theater, costume design, and stage management. When offered a job on the Gold Coast in Australia performing in Les Misérables, Anna found a new passion: world travel.

Anna honed her storytelling craft as the writer and co-host of the Celebrate Every Day podcast. This bite-sized history show won multiple Davey Awards for Social Good and Education while entertaining a worldwide audience in the millions during the past four years. Her latest venture brings things full circle with a co-host spot on Discover Your Potential. Anna enjoys finding an even more profound sense of purpose.  Her curiosity has never been more enlivened in the areas of holistic health, neuroscience, and exploring the boundaries beyond accepted paradigms.  The guests are among the greatest thought leaders of our time, and it is a privilege to inspire hope with conversations that matter.  In her forthcoming book Seeing Like A Storyteller, Anna hopes to ignite that same fire to create a purpose-driven life.  She truly believes that the best is yet to come.

Recently, Dan Gilman and Anna Devere became International Best-Selling Authors alongside 38 other talented people featured in Health-A-Pedia, the six pillars of health. Empowering with HEALTH & HEALING:

The HEALTH-A-PEDIA’s mission is to empower one million lives in all of the Six Pillars of human existence: Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Socially, and Financially to enable them to step into their greatness. These 40 authors do this by teaching people how to Integrate simple and effective tools into their lives.

The Discover Your Potential Show focuses on “How To Continue Conversations That Matter:”

Dan and Anna have both produced award-winning content in television, radio, and podcast formats. The “Discover Your Potential Show” is by far their most rewarding project. Each conversation with their esteemed guests leads to new potential in their own lives, and their mission is to engage audiences and feature the results of that ripple effect. The Natural Living Expo is one of many opportunities to get involved firsthand and to experience those conversations live. Health and wellness are key pillars in the show, with many other transformation topics available on

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