Street Smart announced the firm’s decision to partner with Branded Expert Press

Lou Brown, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Street Smart, announced the firm’s decision to partner with Branded Expert Press to increase its content distribution in the real estate investor space.

Lou Brown said, “We are excited to form this partnership with Branded Expert to increase both the quantity and quality of the content we deliver to our customers.

“With disruption that’s occurring in the real estate industry, I felt that as a real estate influencer, we needed a better vehicle to ensure that our leading-edge content reaches the maximum number of clients.”

Street Smart made the decision to formally partner with Branded Expert Press after working with them for over 10 years and launching 8 bestselling books.

Their publisher Mike Lewis’s passion for turning the real-world experiences of successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and seasoned business experts, into best-selling printed books and positively impacting their lives. As the publisher at the top Ghost Publishing firm, Branded Expert Publishing, Mike specializes in books and tools for building your business while increasing your authority as a best-selling author.

Street Smart believes this partnership will help them to maintain their position as a leading influencer in the real estate industry.

Street Smart. was founded 20 years ago and provides real estate investors with information services. Its site, is a one-stop location for real estate investor education. Contact 800-578-8580 for more information on the company and its future expansion plans.

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