Steven Weigler, Founder and Managing Partner with EmergeCounsel, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing Intellectual Property Protection

Steven Weigler discusses the various forms of intellectual property protection and why it matters to a business. 

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It is important for businesses to grasp the distinct forms of intellectual property protection to safeguard their distinct creations and concepts. To aid in this endeavor, here is a compilation of the four primary types of intellectual property: trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets.

  1. Trademarks:

A trademark denotes a sign or symbol that distinguishes one business’s goods and services from another. Recognizable trademarks are often composed of words, logos, or slogans, which can be registered with the relevant governing body in the user’s country. Maintenance of trademarks necessitates periodic renewal to retain their validity.

  1. Copyrights:

Copyright safeguards original works of authorship, encompassing literature, articles, music, and other imaginative undertakings. It accords the author or originator exclusive privileges to reproduce, disseminate, and create derivative works based on their creation.

  1. Patents:

Patents constitute a legal entitlement that confers upon inventors’ exclusive rights to create, utilize, and vend an invention for a specified timeframe. They offer protection against unauthorized exploitation of an invention by others.

  1. Trade Secrets:

Trade secrets pertain to classified information or data such as customer lists, formulas, or recipes exploited to fabricate products that confer a competitive advantage to the business. The safeguarding of trade secrets hinges on their maintenance as confidential information.

A comprehensive understanding of these forms of intellectual property protection and their relevance to preserving a business’s original ideas and innovations is indispensable. Such comprehension guarantees proper acknowledgment and financial recompense for the labor invested. Implementing requisite measures to shield intellectual property ensures the prevention of others capitalizing on one’s achievements.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to recognize that not all types of intellectual property protection are universally applicable to all businesses. Before initiating the registration process, careful consideration of the pros and cons of each type is imperative to ascertain the best fit for the given scenario. Moreover, it is essential to remember that these protections are subject to jurisdiction-specific laws and regulations.

Additionally, safeguarding intellectual property nurtures innovation and ingenuity, fostering a fertile ground for novel ideas to flourish. Investing in intellectual property protection is an indispensable component of any robust business blueprint. Grasping the spectrum of intellectual property cultivates a secure and prosperous atmosphere for business evolution. The time has come to safeguard what holds the utmost significance: original ideas and creations.

Steven shared: “The significance of intellectual property protection is paramount. It thwarts unauthorized utilization and appropriation of ideas, while also recognizing and rewarding the efforts of creators. This safeguard can confer a competitive edge to businesses. Undertaking steps to shield intellectual property is an integral facet of strategic business planning. The encompassing protection fostered by the four primary types guarantees long-lasting security for original concepts.”

About Steven Weigler

Steven is the Founder and Managing Partner of EmergeCounsel, whose mission is to provide a worldwide clientele with legal counsel on the protection of intellectual property and business assets at a lower price point than large legal firms.

In order to fulfill its mission, Steven developed systems-based approaches, which combine best-in-class legal technology for legal research and management with a strong empathetic human element.

Steven is especially passionate about brand protection where he developed TotalTM®, a proprietary trademark prosecution system that combines predictive search technology, powerful docketing software, and passionate and knowledgeable trademark counsel on a competitive flat fee.

Steve not only has decades of experience as counsel but also previously headed a successful educational technology start-up in which he served as Founder, CEO, and General Counsel for seven years. He was also a Senior Attorney for a Fortune 50 tech company. In part because of his combined experiences, he acts as general counsel to entrepreneurs and companies especially those in the eCommerce and SaaS space.

Steve is a member of IR Global, an international legal network, and through his involvement is able to service foreign businesses with US interests, as well as US businesses with foreign interests.

Steve has received many awards, including being named a Super Lawyer for three consecutive years (2021-2023).

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