Steven A. Lippman LUTCF, MBA Founder of Lippman Insurance Group, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing Fixed Indexed Annuities

Steven Lippman discusses Fixed Indexed Annuities; listen to the interview on the Business Innovators Radio Network:

Steven explained: “Fixed-indexed annuities are popular retirement planning tools that offer several benefits. This type of annuity provides fixed income with the potential to earn interest linked to the rise and fall of stock market indices. By understanding the top five benefits of these annuities, you can make an informed decision about how it fits into your long-term financial strategy.”

  1. Guaranteed Income Stream for Life

An individual investing in a fixed-indexed annuity is guaranteed to receive an income stream for life. This annuity is designed so that they never have less than what was invested plus any earnings over time. Additionally, the indexing feature protects the investor from losses if markets take a downturn while still allowing them to capture some gains in up markets. This makes fixed-indexed annuities attractive for those with conservative investment strategies and low risk tolerance.

2. Shelter From Losses In Down Markets

Investors are protected from losses if markets take a downturn while still allowing them to capture some gains in up markets with the indexing feature. Depending on the type of indexed annuity chosen, upside potential may be limited, and losses are continually sheltered from riskier investments like stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs. This makes fixed-indexed annuities appealing to those with conservative investment strategies and low risk tolerance.

3. Tax Advantages

Unlike many other types of investments, growth achieved with a fixed indexed annuity isn’t subject to taxation until it is withdrawn – making it an attractive tax shelter when saving funds for retirement or other goals down the road. If withdrawals are taken before age 59½, certain tax penalties may be discussed with a financial advisor before taking withdrawals early in the contract period.

4. Access To Funds Without Market Risk
Withdrawals from fixed-indexed annuities are not subject to fluctuations in market performance like most other types of investments. This makes them an attractive option when accessing cash without risking principal value or earning potential from stocks, bonds, or other market products with higher levels of volatility. Furthermore, suppose funds are left untouched during withdrawal periods. In that case, they continue earning according to their respective contracts without taking away from the initial coverage amount so long as premium payments continue and riders remain active where applicable.

5. Additional Features & Benefits For Certain Policies

Some policies come with additional features and benefits such as contractual guarantees for minimum interest rates, tax-deferred growth, death benefit riders, waiver (or elimination) of surrender charges, cost-of-living adjustment provisions, spousal continuation options, and return-of-premium options, among others. Each policy will differ in coverage amounts and any extra features offered depending on issuer choices, so it’s crucial to thoroughly assess each plan before signing up.

Lippman concluded, “By understanding these key benefits associated with fixed indexed annuities, you can make a more informed decision about whether this retirement tool is right for meeting your personal financial objectives.”

Norma H. Engelhardt from Palm Beach Gardens, Fl, says: “We have been clients of Steve Lippman since 1990. We have bought life insurance, indexed annuities, Medicare supplements, and long-term care policies from him, but the best thing he has done for us was to guide us as we moved our IRA account into an indexed annuity. When the market corrected in 2008, we were protected. Our friends who were still invested fully in the stock market were envious. Thank you, Steve!! You are a true professional and a trusted advisor and we have referred you to many of our friends.”


About Steven A. Lippman, LUTCF, MBA

Lippman Insurance Group, LLC, is an insurance agency in Boca Raton, FL & Alpharetta, GA headed by Steve Lippman, LUTCF, MBA. Steven has over 30 years of experience with various types of insurance for both individuals and businesses, securing families and business owners and their assets. He also works with local estate attorneys and CPA’s to provide a range of sophisticated services to clients.

After growing up in New Jersey, Steve earned a B.A. in Economics from Vanderbilt University and an MBA in Marketing Research from Cornell University. An avid fitness, music, and sports enthusiast, Steven has been a devoted coach of local youth soccer, baseball, and hockey leagues.

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