Stephen Ross, CEO of Ross Insurance Brokers-Dave Ramsey Trusted Provider, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing Health Insurance

Stephen Ross discusses the benefits of working with an Independent Home & Auto Insurance Agent. 

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Independent home and auto insurance agents are an excellent resource for finding the best coverage at the best price for specific particular needs. Working with an independent agent is beneficial in several ways, including:

  1. Access to multiple insurance companies – A significant advantage of working with an independent agent is having access to many different insurance companies. Independent agents can compare plans, coverage options, and quotes from various sources; so people can get the right policy at the right price.
  2. Personalized advice – Because they work independently, independent agents can provide personalized advice without being influenced by any one company or product line. They consider people’s needs and preferences when helping them select a policy that fits their budget and lifestyle.
  3. Expert knowledge – Independent home and auto insurance agents typically have a wealth of experience and industry knowledge that they can use to inform their clients’ coverage decisions. With their expertise, they can provide valuable advice on the types of coverage people need and how different policies work.
  4. Dedicated customer service – An independent agent can answer people’s questions about insurance with more personalized attention than they might get from a larger company. Working with an agent allows for one-on-one interaction so that the agent can learn more about their client’s needs to help them find the perfect policy.

Stephen said: “Working with an independent home and auto insurance agent is beneficial because it gives you access to multiple insurance companies, personalized advice, expert knowledge, and dedicated customer service. With their help, you can find the right policy at the right price for your needs.”

Client Arthur Gilbreath III says: “The team at Ross Brokers goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. They listen, and they provide the best options for their customers for different kinds of insurance policies.”


About Stephen Ross

He was born and raised in New Zealand. He completed Bible college in World Missions at the age of 24 in Singapore. His hope was to be involved in the missions in Asia. He was newly married and needed to find a job so he can provide for his family and so he had to put missions on hold to establish a family in New Zealand.

In 1998, he was offered an opportunity as an Insurance Agent and thought to give it a try. He realized that he really enjoys getting to know each family member and having the ability to design an insurance plan that would meet their specific needs and budget. This began his passion for helping families and individuals through the insurance industry, as well as living an example of faith in the business world.

He decided to relocate his family to Portland Oregon in 2002, where he began working for New York Life. During that time, he took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University through his church. This class totally changed his way of thinking about insurance and inspired him to work independently. In 2003, he quit New York Life and began the adventure of Ross Insurance Brokers out of his garage. By 2007, Ross Insurance Brokers was officially incorporated! He then focused on building a team and the company expanded into other lines of insurance. 

He has found that each team member has their own strength which provides a better client experience. Teamwork is a very important value of who they are today! He loved what he had learned through Dave Ramsey’s programs and decided that he wanted to partner with his company, Ramsey Solutions. He became a Dave Ramsey Health Endorsed Local Provider for Oregon in 2011 and quickly expanded to several states. His heart was to make sure everyone would get the best value and price for their policies. He approached each policy as if he were purchasing them himself and applied the common knowledge of what Dave Ramsey talks about.

Business for Ross Insurance Brokers, Inc. continued to grow. They have been in the business for 22 years now and are working hard to continuously provide excellent care for their customers. They are a Dave Ramsey Health ELP in 14 states. They now have a full team dedicated to making sure that every client is provided with education and genuine care for their specific journey. 

His goal as the CEO and President of Ross Insurance Brokers, Inc. is to show that the company values people before profit, and they will be innovative in their solutions to meet each individual’s needs, and will strive for excellence in all that they do.

With his wife from Singapore and his heart for mission it is their desire to use their company to give back to the less fortunate in Asia. Today, both his children, Josh and Grace work with him as they grow their mission to help families around the world.

With Covid, the team has changed; they used to have an office but have found that even working remotely they are able to work effectively and are able to serve their clients as  as efficiently as possible. Their team is located throughout the country and in the Philippines.

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