Sol Girouard, CEO of Klen App Reveals How Businesses Can Reopen Through The Pandemic On BlueHorn TV

On a recent Marketing For Your Future episode with Susan St. Denis, Sol Girouard, Founder, and CEO of Klen App and Data Innovation Labs, discussed How to reopen your business through the pandemic.

According to Girouard, the future of business in a post-COVID-19 world will have to overcome new inherent obstacles. Girouard said, “ talk is simply inconsistent, and I think that corporations find it hard to navigate, not just corporations but all of us, find it hard to navigate the landscape. As to what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. In my opinion, these information asymmetries are creating obstacles especially for small businesses”.

When host Susan St. Denis asked Do you find that small businesses have had an easier time with recovering from covid over larger enterprises? Or do you feel like larger businesses have more equipment available to them to recover from these financial situations? Girouard answered, “This is a great question, and I think that the answer falls in the leadership of those organizations; small businesses have been affected differently because their income sources, in many cases, are singular dependant. They’re not very diversified, large organizations. They have a larger diversification profit-wise, so they’re able to be more nimble. However, if it comes down to leadership, if the leadership sees that these are times in which one must not be paralyzed and one must take advantage of the options and possibilities of digital transformation, they are very successful ”.

During the interview, St. Denis shared, “Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more, and it’s wonderful that you guys are providing this resource for businesses in order for them to have an easier time communicating with their consumers. And again, like you said, creating the standardization, which just makes communication that much easier”. 

Sol Girouard, CEO of Klen App, is a Mathematical Economist, CAIA, Data Scientist, Quant, and Computer Scientist who channels her interdisciplinary background in applied sciences to the intersection of financial markets and technology. Sol is the CEO of Data Innovation Labs, a full-service Data Science, and Decision Intelligence consulting group deploying 4IR technologies and AI and implementing digital transformation across business verticals.

The interview concluded with Girouard saying, “Klen App is now available for businesses, to claim your profile and begin communicating COVID-19 safety on the Klēn platform, sign up at:”.

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