Short Sweet & Sacred Book Volume II Becomes a #1 International Best Seller

Nashville, TN – Short Sweet & Sacred Volume II: 50 Inspiring Stories from Life Coaches Who Transform Their Challenges into Their Greatest Victories rocketed to the top of the best seller lists in a number of categories in multiple countries including the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Erin Davenport brings 50 life coaches together sharing their true stories of overcoming a variety of hardships and how they decided to move forward to create a vibrant life they love living.

“After seeing the overwhelming positive response to the first Short Sweet & Sacred, it occurred to me how impactful this idea truly is. The writers are seeing their businesses expand, and the readers continue to share their gratitude for these vulnerable stories as they face personal challenges. This realization fueled me to gather another group of writers together. We are continuing the good that is already being done through this inspirational book series–and here we are with the new release of Short Sweet & Sacred, Volume 2.” States Davenport.

Davenport continues, “Short Sweet & Sacred speaks to anyone who might be running on empty emotionally, feeling uninspired, or facing an overwhelming situation.  Many people find themselves too busy to even figure out how to move in a positive direction. This compilation of 50 short stories can help someone start their day with a pick-me-up of inspiration.”

Short Sweet & Sacred: 50 Inspiring Stories from Life Coaches Who Transform Their Challenges into Their Greatest Victories is available on and

About Erin Davenport

Wise beyond her years, Erin Davenport is known by countless people as a powerful force for transformation. Erin brings a dynamic background of being a #1 Bestselling author, Certified Life Mastery Coach, Expert Collaborator and team builder, a global award winning Producer through inspirational film, an international speaker, and she leads life changing retreats in Kenya and Utah.

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