Shop Smart Autos Appoints Guy Campbell and Launches Auto Directory

Richie Bello, Shop Smart Autos CEO and Founder announced Guy Campbell’s Advisory Board member appointment. “Guy has been a successful entrepreneur for over a decade and is still under 30. He has helped with several of the projects of our various entities in automotive, and data management for the past two years, making him the perfect person for this appointment,” said Bello.

Campbell began his career as a data technician in 2011, founded and operated his own independent car dealership and car leasing business NetXCars at the age of 18, and in less than a decade was handling the country’s largest OEM data. Today, Campbell manages two data companies that partnered with the Shop Smart Autos data division. “Richie has been a mentor for me in my entrepreneurial endeavors for many years, which seems like forever, and for that, I am extremely grateful and excited for the opportunity to be part of the future direction of SSA.”, said Campbell.

Campbell will be at this week’s NADA offering the first 50 dealers that register for the directory 25 FREE SSA VIN-specific leads, plus a 90-day FREE trial to SSA’s vehicle history reporting platform. There’s no cost and no further commitment from the dealers. The objective is to introduce dealers to consumers who are currently coming to the site and to give car buyers a look at the inventory available in their respective markets. That has always been the unique selling proposition of the digital media platform, as it does not share leads with other dealers, helping the buyer feel comfortable when making a request for more information, and it makes it even easier for the dealer, as the dealer has a qualified person that’s truly interested in a vehicle in their inventory.

Shop Smart Autos, Inc. was founded in 2020, and is a Florida-based company, with headquarters in Miami.

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