San Antonio Realtor Linda Mora Shares Insights on Balancing Real Estate and Family Life on Agents Lounge Podcast

The latest episode of the Agents Lounge Podcast features a captivating interview with San Antonio Realtor, Linda Mora. In this episode, Mora shares her personal journey in the real estate industry and sheds light on how she successfully balances the demands of work, family, and everything in between.

With over 8 years of experience in the real estate field, Mora’s career took off at year 3 when she went full-time. Her decision to pursue real estate was driven by her desire to be present with her four children and not miss any important moments in their lives. As a military spouse, Mora’s husband’s schedule is inflexible, making her need for flexibility even more crucial.

When asked about balancing the demands of work and family life, Mora emphasizes that it’s not about finding a perfect balance, but rather finding a way to integrate both aspects of life. She explains, “I have four kids, my husband is in the military, and we also own a bouncy castle business. Everything we do is with them in mind. I involve my children in my real estate business, and they are present with me during showings and other work-related activities. This not only allows me to be there for them but also teaches them important life skills and financial literacy.”

As a marketing graduate from Saint Mary’s, Mora highlights the significance of social media in her real estate career. She utilizes platforms like Facebook and Instagram to market herself and her listings, reaching a wide audience at no cost. Mora believes that being active on social media allows her to connect with potential clients and showcase her expertise in the industry.

When asked about her approach to helping clients navigate the home-buying process, Mora emphasizes the importance of building trust and providing a personalized experience. She states, “I am a perfectionist, and I don’t jump into something unless I know it inside and out. I come into every client interaction with a plan and a process. Real estate is not just a transaction; it’s a relationship. I genuinely care about my clients and their financial goals, especially as someone from a Hispanic background where financial literacy may not have been readily available. I aim to guide my clients and educate them on the process, ensuring they make informed decisions.”

Regarding the current real estate market, Mora acknowledges that interest rates have recently increased but advises potential buyers not to be deterred. She explains, “While interest rates are higher now, it’s essential to understand that personal variables such as credit score and debt can influence the actual rate. Additionally, with the current market conditions, there are excellent opportunities to score good deals, negotiate closing costs, and even buy down rates. San Antonio continues to be a growing market, and despite any fluctuations, the city offers affordability and long-term appreciation.”

Mora’s expertise in working with military families relocating to San Antonio is evident in her ability to understand their unique needs and guide them through the process of adapting to a new area. She connects with her clients on a personal level, helping them navigate not only the real estate process but also the local culture and school systems.

In this episode of Agents Lounge Podcast, Linda Mora’s insights into balancing real estate and family life provide valuable advice and inspiration for real estate professionals and individuals looking to enter the industry.

The Agents Lounge Podcast provides a platform for real estate professionals to share their stories and insights, empowering agents of all levels to navigate the real estate industry successfully. Listeners can gain valuable knowledge and inspiration from top-performing agents and industry thought leaders.

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