Ryan Larson, Founder of FirstLine Financial, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Ryan Larson discusses how he serves his clients as a Fiduciary Financial Planner.

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A fiduciary financial planner is a professional who provides clients with financial planning and investment advice. The term “fiduciary” means that the planner is bound by law to act in the client’s best interests.

As a fiduciary, a financial planner must put the client’s interests first. This includes making recommendations that are in the client’s best interests and avoiding conflicts of interest. For example, a financial planner should not recommend investments that will generate higher commissions for the planner but may not be the best choice for the client.

Financial planners can provide a variety of services, including retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, and investment advice. Some financial planners also offer insurance products.

Investors should always ask their financial advisor whether they are a fiduciary before receiving any advice. The investor should be aware of potential conflicts of interest if an advisor is not a fiduciary.

Ryan says: “The proprietary process we take all of our clients through is called the WRAP process (Written Retirement Action Plan). When our clients go through this process, they have a diversified plan in place that allows them to take advantage of the ups and downs in the market. Having a plan that allows investors to take advantage of the highs and lows in different market cycles is very important.”

About Ryan Larson

Good at sports but bad at school, Ryan Larson, the son of a working-class Arizona couple, grew up concerned that he’d never succeed in life. When high school sports didn’t earn him a college scholarship, his prospects looked dim. While working a dead-end job, a fiery twist of fate inspired his new direction in life—becoming a firefighter.

In his debut book, Ryan shares his struggles in school, feeling like an outsider at home, and the unexpected twists and turns during the lowest points in his life that inspired him to build his successful financial advisory firm, FirstLine Financial, LLC.

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