Rewrite Past and Create a New Future with Edit B Kiss

Through Rise Energy she has been able to provide a release, for patients dealing with hidden emotional trauma from the unconscious mind, which she believes is responsible for many people’s continued pains and struggles. Realizing that her purpose was to utilize her skills and knowledge to help others live a happy and healthy life is what is behind the mission for Rise Energy.

Edit B Kiss is a powerful spiritual healer and life coach. Living by the motto, “Always accept the unexpected, and whenever you can be the unexpected” she strives to provide a life of clarity and wellness by educating her clients on proven techniques that she has been studying for many years. 

Kiss’ clients range from the busy, struggling moms who are responsible for the well-being of the budding, new generation to overwhelmed, emotionally lost entrepreneurs. She also thrives on working with influencers, knowing that they have a huge impact on the masses and can extend the reach of her teachings. 

Through the instruction of Rise Energy, Kiss is able to fill her clients up with a tremendous internal power which allows them to relinquish emotional traumas from previous lives. Rising Energy utilizes a variety of techniques to provide such restorative results. Sekhem healing, an ancient Egyptian healing technique, Reiki, which is from the foundation of Buddhist monks, Karma Healing, from the Kashmiri karma yogis and an extra sense tool that Kiss learned from her Reiki master early on. Kiss also applies the Samadhi meditation technique, which is the highest way to meditate by activating the 8th chakra and the pineal gland. This brings the brain into delta brain waves that allow individuals to reach the unconscious mind and this is where the healing can truly begin. An additional approach is Source Memory Healing, the process of releasing emotional traumas which Kiss learned from studies with Karma Guru Sumant Kaul, who has been deemed the 5th most powerful healer on Earth. 

Rise Energy offers a few different options for clients to receive the transformation they seek.

  1. 8 sessions one-on-one during a 2, or 3, week journey.
  2. 8 weeks group coaching experience, Raise Your Vibration elevation program with zoom calls that provide meditation and healing and video materials with home activities. All the tools needed to maintain the elevation work on your own and achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit.
  3. 90 days VIP one-on-one package with Reiki, Sekhem and Karma healing experiences, extended meditation experiences and extra sense wisdom and third eye opening practices.

What allows Rise Energy to stand out from other healing techniques is that her practices work in the unconscious mind, where all of the emotional traumas lie buried. While other traditional therapies mainly deal only with the subconscious and often seem to just skim the surface of the issue, Rise Energy teachings tend to bring about more profound results and in a quicker manner.

In the uncertain time we currently find ourselves in, the importance of adapting and learning new methods for calming the mind, and releasing previous traumas, are more important than ever. Rise Energy is not only a practice for today’s challenges but one to maintain for years to come.


Edit B Kiss is a powerful spiritual healer and life coach. She helps people heal from hidden emotional trauma through the use of source memory healing, Karma Healing, Reiki and Sekhem healing. 

Kiss has been featured on multiple podcasts including Deborah Funmi’s Mupapa’s “Life Assurance” podcast, in which she discussed life, marriage and soul, and “On the Edge with April Mahoney.” She was a key presenter and panelist on “Global Hope Conference” highlighting the Covid-19 pandemic, available on Apple TV, Amazon Prime and Roku. She has been published in “Authority Magazine” on the 5 Ways to Develop Serenity during Anxious Time and is a co-author of the “1 Habit for Entrepreneurial Success” and of the book “Soul Food.” And, she contributed healing ideas to “Tiaras, Tears and Triumphs Podcast” by Sandy J from Australia. 

Kiss originally worked in the petroleum industry, as a petroleum engineer, for 15 years before healing full-time. During this time, she trained to become a Reiki Master, a Sekhem Healer and a Karma Yogi Practitioner under the teaching of Karma Guru Sumant Kaul. She learned life-coaching from the Satori Prime brothers and was trained by Bob Proctor, featured expert in the movie, The Secret. While living in New Zealand, she was a member of Reiki NZ Incorporated.

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