Renowned Energy Healer Fran Bailey Launches Groundbreaking SHEVA Method Program

Fran Bailey, the visionary founder of the SHEVA Method, is excited to announce the launch of the highly anticipated SHEVA Method Introductory Program in March, 2024. This immersive online training program promises to revolutionize the world of energy healing by providing a comprehensive and transformative journey for aspiring energy healers and seasoned practitioners alike.

The SHEVA Method Introductory Program is designed to elevate participants’ healing abilities and deepen their understanding of energy work. This innovative and meticulously crafted course takes students through the mystical layers of spiritual healing, from foundational concepts to advanced techniques.

Fran Bailey, an esteemed energy healer with decades of experience, has channeled her profound wisdom into creating a program that empowers individuals to harness and embody the healing potential of energy. The program unfolds a transformative process that caters to both newcomers seeking to explore the world of energy healing and seasoned practitioners looking to enhance their skills.

Modules included in the SHEVA Method Program cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Welcome: An introduction to the program and its transformative potential.
  • Background: A deep dive into the origins and inspirations behind the SHEVA Method.
  • Key Principles and Philosophies: An exploration of the fundamental principles that underpin effective energy healing.
  • Understanding the Foundations: Building a strong foundation in energy healing practices.
  • Deeper Understanding: Delving into advanced concepts and techniques.
  • Delving Into the Chakras: An exploration of the body’s energy centers and their role in holistic well-being.
  • Enneagram: A unique perspective on personality and personal growth through energy work.
  • Conclusion: Bringing together the knowledge and wisdom gained throughout the program.

Participants in the SHEVA Method Program can expect to gain valuable insights, enhance their healing abilities for themselves and others, while deepening their connection to the world of energy and spirituality.

Fran Bailey’s dedication to the field of energy healing and her commitment to empowering individuals to unlock their healing potential make this program an opportunity of healing and wisdom.

For more information about the SHEVA Method Introductory Program and to reserve your spot, please visit

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