Re-Release of “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home” by Noreen Gosch: The Official Book Updated for 2024

New York— The groundbreaking book “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home” by Noreen Gosch has been re-released on Amazon with an updated edition for 2024. This powerful and chilling account of one of America’s most infamous kidnapping cases continues to resonate with readers, revealing the dark underbelly of organized crime and corruption that reaches the highest levels of society.

Originally published in 2000, “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home” details the harrowing story of Johnny Gosch, a 12-year-old paperboy who was abducted in 1982 in West Des Moines, Iowa. Despite extensive investigations and media coverage, Johnny’s whereabouts remain unknown. Noreen Gosch’s relentless pursuit of justice for her son has uncovered shocking revelations about a nationwide network of child exploitation, leading to significant public and media attention.

“When we were nearing the last copies of Book #1 of ‘Why Johnny Can’t Come Home,’ many people were still requesting the book. So instead of just printing more of that book, I decided to do an update to include some important information. Making it more current, a few things were removed which were no longer applicable. This gave room for new chapters, information, and perhaps surprising news. And of course, a new cover but retaining the iconic photo of Johnny on his first day of his paper route and some quotes of importance on the back,” said Noreen Gosch.

“My purpose in writing both books was to bring the truth to not only Johnny’s kidnapping but what is happening across our country regarding human trafficking. It is real, and for those who have a difficult time accepting that it is real, this book hopefully will allow them to realize children are not completely safe. This is happening far too often throughout the country.”

Last summer, a movie about human trafficking, “The Sound of Freedom,” was shown in theaters across the country. At the end of the movie, a sentence appeared that gave me chills: “The U.S. has the highest rate of child exploitation crimes against children in the world.” This shocking revelation underscores the urgent need for public awareness and action.

“The very thought that people willfully take children to sell in this new form of ‘ORGANIZED CRIME,’ which generates over two billion dollars per year, is madness, the unthinkable, and illegal. Is this the new normal? Is this a new commodity for our country? Sadly, this includes children,” added Gosch.

“My intent for writing both of these books is a result of a decision I made shortly after Johnny was kidnapped. His kidnapping would not go down in history for naught; there would be changes. Improving awareness, changing legislation concerning kidnapping and abuse of children, and launching a safety program I named ‘In Defense of Children’ were all part of the plan. Despite attacks on our website, the Official Johnny Gosch page on Facebook, managed by volunteers Adrian Jackson and Frank LaBuda, continues to be a crucial hub for information and support,” said Gosch.

With the 40th anniversary of Johnny’s case approaching, a “Q & A” feature was introduced on the Facebook page, drawing nearly 9,000 members who actively participate in the movement.

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About Noreen Gosch

Noreen Gosch is an advocate for missing and exploited children. Since the abduction of her son, Johnny, she has dedicated her life to seeking justice for her son and other victims of child trafficking. Her work has brought national attention to the issue and has been instrumental in pushing for legislative changes to protect children.

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