New Book by Fletcher Ellingson Titled “The Practice of Feeling Good” on Amazon Flash Sale

Experience a transformation like no other with this enlightening and empowering book that challenges you to redefine what “feeling good” truly means. This practical paradigm-shifting guide supports you in an exciting journey, one which helps you identify and break disempowering cycles of thinking and behaving to create new empowering beliefs, decisions, and attitudes.

In this compelling read, Fletcher Ellingson invites you to radically change your perception of emotions, people, yourself, and situations from being categorized as right, wrong, good, or bad to see every situation as containing a valuable message with an opportunity for growth and progress.

From financial struggle to financial stability, illness to vitality, and fractured to fulfilling relationships, Fletcher demonstrates the life-changing benefits of transforming your thinking and practicing “feeling good.” But this isn’t about relentless positivity—it’s about understanding how to essentially reprogram the brain in a way that allows for new thoughts, new actions, and, therefore, new results.

“When we feel good in life, we have access to powerfully creating an extraordinary living experience. However, there is one big catch – feeling good takes practice and a lot of it. But it is worth it!” says Fletcher Ellingson.

“The very concept that we can upgrade our thinking like a software program may seem odd, improbable, and inaccessible. After all, why would we think such a thing? It isn’t a concept taught in schools or a hot topic we discuss socially.”

This is not a book about positive thinking. It’s a book about reprogramming, upgrading, and evolving our thinking to create an extraordinary, consistent, feel-good living experience.

Ready to release thinking that has had you shackled to resignation, cynicism, and trying to survive? Ready to harness the power of “feeling good” and step into a life of deliberate creating and thriving? Then this book is for you. Join Fletcher on this fascinating and important journey because the extraordinary feel-good life you desire is absolutely possible!

The Kindle version of “The Practice of Feeling Good: How to Upgrade Your Thinking and Live a Feel-Good Life” will be available for purchase on flash sale Tuesday, August 15, 2023, at:

About Fletcher Ellingson

Fletcher Ellingson is a speaker, coach, author, and creator of The Practice of Feeling Good in Business and Life. He helps his clients break free from financial struggle, overwhelm, and persistent worry so they can spend more time doing what they love, contribute to their families, and impact their communities.

Fletcher has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and successful professionals embrace the principles of The Practice of Feeling Good. As a result, they’ve radically shifted their thinking and produced outstanding outcomes in their health, wealth, and relationships. His clients learn to create and navigate life with greater ease and joy using a combination of science, psychology, and inquiry into being.

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