Mike Saunders, Authority Positioning Coach, Announces Latest Book Published on Amazon called “Authority Positioning for Financial Professionals” Hits Bestseller Status

#1 Authority Marketing Strategist, Mike Saunders, released his latest book on Amazon. It hit bestseller lists on Amazon.com within 24 hours of release, achieving #1 New Release in Financial Engineering and #3 in Financial Services.

Saunders said about the project: “Many Financial Professionals are invisible to the affluent families & business owners who are their ideal prospects. An Authority Positioning Portfolio® of permanent assets on the world’s most powerful platforms helps them become the trusted advisor with indestructible authority.”

Financial professionals quickly discover that the main problem they are trying to solve is obscurity- their best prospects do not know they exist.

Authority Marketing includes concepts based on cutting-edge research by social psychologists and infused with marketing psychology principles of Authority, Social Proof, Scarcity, Repetition, and others.

Saunders continued, “Authority Positioning is about becoming an educator and an advocate for your target audience, putting yourself in their shoes, and helping them succeed. When you share value authentically and uniquely, your prospects and clients begin to notice. They call you the Expert or Authority, and you never have to.”

Advisors may buy copies of “Authority Positioning for Financial Professionals.”

  1. On Amazon as Kindle, Paperback & Hardcover: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C78KL4FD
  2. As a special Value-Bundle with powerful Bonus items
  3. Firms may also request bulk wholesale pricing by contacting Mike Saunders directly.


About Mike Saunders

Mike Saunders is a speaker, bestselling author of four books, and a successful business coach who holds an MBA in Marketing. He is also an Adjunct Marketing Professor at several Universities and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

He has interviewed hundreds of industry experts on his podcast and always strives to learn from other thought leaders. He helps Financial Professionals who struggle with standing out from their competition become instant celebrities on the powerful platforms of Publicity, Podcasting, and Publishing.

This creates omnipresence, so they are seen as an Expert and Authority to attract more clients, increase profits and make more impact to go from a “Hidden Hero” to become THE In-Demand Trusted Advisor with Indestructible Authority, so they Get Authority, Get Noticed, and Get Clients.

Mike is most passionate about seeing his family grow up with high spiritual values and providing them opportunities to succeed in life. He is heavily involved in his local church and is focused on teaching others the benefits of giving and serving.

Learn More:
https://www.MikeSaunders360.com  or https://www.AuthorityPositioningCoach.com

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