Lorraine D’Alessio, Immigration and Business Law Expert, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast About Helping Athletes, Models & Entrepreneurs with Legal Advice

Lorraine D’Alessio discusses her approach to helping Athletes, Models & Entrepreneurs with Legal Advice surrounding immigration and business issues.

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D’Alessio commented that “We proudly serve the technology and entertainment industries by delivering innovative legal and immigration solutions that enable companies to gain competitive advantage through capitalizing on global talent. From individuals and start-up businesses to the world’s most futuristic companies, they support legal and immigration needs. We create a clear path to your goals, and we guide you every step of the way. No matter where you begin or where you plan on going, we are dedicated to getting you there!”

Actress Hunter Phoenix says,” It’s no exaggeration for me to say that DLG changed my life! What an amazing experience to work with such a highly dedicated, skilled, and caring group of professionals. The U.S. Immigration process can be daunting, to say the least, but the people at DLG are not only well-versed in the nuances of this system, but they are also organized, methodical, systematic, and thorough. And oh yes, wait for it… polite, friendly and helpful! These are people I want on my team for years to come. Thank you DLG!”

D’Alessio Law Group is an award-winning global law firm practicing in the area of U.S. immigration and entertainment law. D’Alessio Law Group was founded on the premise of providing high-quality legal representation with a focus on excellent client service and individualized attention by those who have personal experience with cross-border business and immigration. On the immigration side, we offer a particular level of expertise to businesses of all sizes, individuals, and families who seek to immigrate to the United States to invest and or work in the entertainment and tech industries. Our objective is to provide the best representation possible as we help our clients achieve their goals in a fast and effective manner.

Astro Teller – Captain of Moonshots X, the moonshot factory – a division of Alphabet said,
“I retained the services of the D’Alessio Law Group (DLG) in managing and successfully executing immigration cases for me. They were chosen personally as the most competent law firm to handle highly confidential and complex immigration cases. DLG is a capable and competent law firm able to handle highly complex cases and are in a niche of their own amongst other immigration firms. Their creative and strategic thinking can help weather challenges put in place by the consistent changes in governmental immigration policy and practice. The DLG team performed above and beyond expectations to process these matters in record time. They possess a range of tactics for the most challenging briefs which most firms would not be able to successfully process due to lack of strategy, knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of government. DLG has a global immigration program which is unique to them and they utilize global consular services worldwide to process immigration related cases/projects. For specialized and high-end immigration matters that require a great attention to detail, I have no hesitation in recommending DLG to any company that requires a specialist immigration law firm that deals with global mobility issues.

From my personal experience, DLG takes each case very personally which provides both added value and peace of mind as immigration matters not only affect the individual in question, but also their employer and the company operations, but also the individual’s family. DLG has my highest recommendation for their professionalism, hands-on approach to their work and their range of immigration and legal services. If you have any further questions regarding their abilities, please do not hesitate to contact me.”



About Lorraine D’Alessio

A former Ford model turned legal powerhouse, Lorraine D’Alessio is a multi-award-winning attorney. She is an immigration and business law expert and go-to legal service provider for professionals in the modeling and fashion world, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

Learn More: https://dlgimmigration.com/

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