La’Vista Jones Launches the Podcast Foundations Cohort: A Comprehensive Guide to Launching Impactful Shows

La’Vista Jones, the award-winning podcast host and CEO of 31 Marketplace, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Podcast Foundations Cohort. This comprehensive course is carefully crafted to empower aspiring podcast hosts with the necessary knowledge and tools to not only launch but sustain successful podcasts.

The Podcast Foundations Cohort is a unique opportunity for individuals with a podcast idea but face unanswered questions, making the daunting prospect of launching a podcast seem overwhelming. Tailored for entrepreneurial visionaries, authors, and founders, this cohort caters to those aiming to showcase expertise, build authority in the marketplace, and effectively engage with their audience.

La’Vista Jones, with her extensive experience, will guide participants through a structured process of developing the concept and mission for their shows, defining goals, and identifying the essential equipment and technology needed for a successful podcast.

“I am excited to share my insights and experiences to help individuals build a strong foundation for their podcasts. Podcasting can be a powerful medium, and with the right foundation, hosts can launch sustainable and impactful shows without burning themselves out,” stated La’Vista Jones.

Participants in the Podcast Foundations Cohort can expect to gain:

  • A clear understanding of the structure and mission of their podcast.
  • Defined audience and topical content strategies.
  • A well-researched podcast name.
  • Episode structure, including production cadence.
  • Equipment and technology recommendations.
  • Customizable templates for efficient guest on-boarding.
  • A realistic scheduled launch date for their podcast.

The next cohort commences on Thursday, February 8th, with a strategic investment of $500. Enrollment for the Podcast Foundations Cohort is now open, providing those ready to embark on their podcasting journey the opportunity to secure a spot. For additional information or to enroll, visit

About 31 Marketplace:

31 Marketplace is a full-service podcast agency founded by La’Vista Jones, an award-winning podcaster, and systems strategist. The agency provides step-by-step support, from show concept to sustainable production for show hosts. 31 Marketplace serves as the strategic and implementation partner that podcast hosts need to avoid podfade and produce an amazing show with consistency and ease – increasing their impact without increasing their workload.

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