Lara Galloway, SVP of Channel Management at White Glove, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Lara Galloway discusses the biggest mistakes advisors make when following up with seminar attendees. 

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There are many mistakes advisors can make when trying to follow up with seminar attendees. Here are a few examples:

  1. Not Personalizing Follow-Up Messages: When sending out follow-up emails to seminar attendees, it is crucial to ensure that the messages reflect a personal connection rather than a generic one. Sending out a generic message without personalized content will not engage prospects. It could even lead them to believe that the sender does not care about their needs or situation.
  2. Not Responding Quickly Enough: In today’s digital world, speed is essential to success when it comes to following up with potential clients. If the sender waits too long, they may have already moved on and forgotten about the seminar presentation, so it is essential to respond quickly and consistently to keep the conversation going and build trust with prospects.
  3. Not Offering Value: Follow-up emails should always offer value to the reader, whether it be additional information, a helpful resource, or a special offer. If the sender does not provide any value in the follow-ups, prospects are less likely to take action and quickly lose interest in their message.
  4. Not Tracking Progress: Lastly, tracking progress with each prospect is essential to adjust the follow-up strategy accordingly. People can optimize their follow-up approach over time to ensure better results by keeping track of these details. An organized system of tracking client progress ensures that no one falls through the cracks and provides insight into what strategies have been successful or unsuccessful.

Lara explained: “By following these tips, you can ensure that your follow-up emails will be effective and help move prospects closer to becoming clients. Taking the time to personalize messages, respond quickly, offer value, and track progress are all important steps necessary for a successful follow-up strategy. Don’t forget to be consistent in your efforts: even if an individual isn’t ready to commit just yet, stay engaged and continue providing helpful resources until they are ready for the next step. With a well-crafted follow-up plan in place, you can build strong relationships with seminar attendees and increase conversions over time.” 

Financial Advisor Melanie R. says: “Finally, somebody has come up with a system that puts qualified leads in my workshops. We have had 4 seminars, and we are very happy with the results. Once you set up what your firm needs, it is totally automatic. They do all the marketing, and confirmation calls and establish the relationship with the venue. All you have to do is be prepared and put on your best game. Highly recommend!!”


About Lara Galloway

Lara is an author, speaker, business coach, and entrepreneur who handles Channel Management, Business Development, and Product Marketing for White Glove, a seminar marketing and management firm that helps financial advisors offer educational workshops to those who need financial education.

She started her career at IBM in PR and Communications, then transitioned to Sales, then left the workforce to start and raise her family. She became a certified life and business coach and ran her own company, Mom Biz Coach, for 12 years, where she turned her focus to working with entrepreneurs and small business owners. Her 30+ years of experience have taught her a lot about how to help small businesses become better businesses. But more importantly, she’s had the joy of solving problems, creating new things, developing great people, and being part of something bigger than herself.

Lara loves to bake, cook and drink craft beer, and also loves running, which helps counteract those other hobbies. Her favorite place to be is out in the woods on a hike or in some unique restaurant eating delicious food with her family and friends.

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