James Rangel, Realtor® with RE/MAX Synergy, Interviewed on Colorado Real Estate Leaders Podcast

James Rangel discusses how interest rates in Colorado should be considered in buying a home.

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As the interest rates on home loans continue to rise, many people wonder how this will affect home prices. After all, when interest rates go up, it becomes more expensive to borrow money, which could lead to lower prices for homes.

However, in the Colorado real estate market, higher interest rates may not impact home prices as much as one might think. This is because the Colorado market has been strong for several years now, and there is still a lot of demand for homes in the state.

In fact, according to Zillow, the median home value in Colorado has gone up by nearly 8% over the past year and is predicted to rise another 5.4% over the next year. So, even though interest rates are rising, it doesn’t seem like they will significantly impact home prices in Colorado. 

James explained, “If you’re thinking of buying a home in Colorado, don’t let higher interest rates deter you – the real estate market in this state is still going strong.”

About James Rangel

James works out of downtown Littleton, CO, and comes to you with 15 years of experience in Denver real estate. A Colorado native, James also helps run his family’s successful, 30-year-old tortilla business. While handling logistics for the company, James got to know the different neighborhoods of metro Denver and became fascinated with real estate. Through his family ties in construction, he became particularly knowledgeable about structural issues and the how-tos of renovations and remodels, which has proven invaluable to his clients. His true passion, though, is in his relationships. Honesty and integrity are at the forefront of everything James does. He prides himself on being an advocate for his clients, helping educate them on the real estate market, and always putting their needs first. Having seen the changes in Colorado first-hand, James loves to share his knowledge about the individual Denver neighborhoods that have developed their own themes and sense of community. His slogan “Connecting humanity, one home at a time” fits James to a tee. Father to two young kids, James enjoys running, watching boxing, and spending time with his family.

Learn More: https://jamesrangelrealty.com


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