James Haass, Retirement Income Specialist, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing Maximizing Retirement Income with Fixed Income Annuities

James Haass discusses Fixed Income Annuities. 

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Annuities are often misunderstood and surrounded by misconceptions. One common misconception is that annuities are promoted as a one-stop solution for investments, where all the money should be placed. However, this is not the case. Annuities should be viewed as a part of the overall investment portfolio, alongside other securities and investments. When used correctly, annuities can provide both safety and income.

Another misconception is that annuities offer high rates of returns, fees, and costs. While annuities do have fees and costs, it is important to understand that they are not designed to provide high returns like other investment options. Additionally, annuities are often seen as a secure option for retirees who do not have the luxury of time to navigate market volatility. They can provide a fixed income and protection from market fluctuations. However, it is important to consider the disadvantages of annuities as well, such as lack of liquidity and surrender fees. Overall, annuities should be understood as a tool within a larger investment strategy, providing safety and income for retirees.

Fixed-income annuities can provide retirees with a comforting sense of monthly cash flow during retirement. These annuities offer a guaranteed income stream, which can be particularly beneficial for individuals concerned about market volatility and seeking a stable source of income. With fixed-income annuities, retirees can establish a monthly income stream that consistently provides a set amount of money each month. This allows individuals to budget and plan for their expenses in retirement, knowing they will receive a reliable income. Additionally, fixed-income annuities offer flexibility in terms of income options. Retirees can choose to receive a monthly income stream or opt for a partial payout while allowing the remaining portion to continue growing. This flexibility enables individuals to tailor their annuity to their specific financial needs and goals.

Overall, fixed-income annuities provide retirees with the peace of mind of a steady cash flow, ensuring financial stability and security in retirement.

In the episode, Mike Saunders and James Haass discuss the importance of customizing annuities to match the client’s needs and retirement lifestyle. They emphasize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to annuities, as each client is unique.

James Haass highlights that annuities are not cookie-cutter solutions and must be personalized for each client. He explains that every client is different, so it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of their lifestyle and retirement goals.


James shared: “There are many misconceptions about annuities. As you know, I’ve actually been selling annuities for over 40 years and many people have the misconception about rates of returns, fees, costs, and safety. But actually, we don’t promote annuities to be a solve-all investment. In other words, you don’t put all your money in the annuities. It becomes a part of your portfolio. And when it’s done properly and mixed in with your portfolio of other securities and investments, it really has a use that can serve one well for safety and income.”

About James Haass

Over 40 years in financial services including 20 plus years with Northwestern Mutual Life. 15 Years as a financial advisor with large banks. Started own agency in 2015 with partner/spouse Michelle Haass, The Thoroughbred Advisors.

Probably the greatest gift he provides for his clients when they retire is a good night’s sleep.

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