Greg Gelineau, Executive Vice President at American Senior Benefits, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast.

American Senior Benefits is dedicated to serving those in need of insurance, especially seniors. They are proudly independent, answering only to their customers. Customers’ choices are key life decisions, and they work every day to help them find the right solutions at affordable prices. What they do is essential, personal, and precise. Every time they help a customer make a decision that’s right for them, it makes them – and their organization – stronger.

A hybrid business model – because a custom solution fits better. American Senior Benefits operates a hybrid business model — combining the best aspects of independent and career insurance agencies — so their affiliated agents are provided with the very best training, product portfolio, and company support. They never need to provide customers with a “one size fits all” solution. It’s a model that has created a culture of teamwork, innovation, and a shared drive for success, all centered around the client’s needs and satisfaction. 

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Gelineau explained that “American Senior Benefits has an independent status that offers its clients the benefit of options. That makes us different. Rather than retrofitting a client into one ready-made solution offered by one company, we can instead offer an extensive portfolio of competitive life, health and annuity products from multiple highly rated carriers. That makes us better positioned and more capable of solving our clients’ unique insurance and financial challenges. Options are good. Proven, trusted options are better, and turning to a single source that offers a myriad of affordable and effective solutions ensures complete satisfaction is best. American Senior Benefits clients are always encouraged to consider their personal and family needs as they review our comprehensive product portfolio.”

About  Greg Gelineau

With 37-years of Executive level leadership experience,  Greg has successfully built and led three Financial service branches to record-setting results. He has been a public key speaker at many national events and received prestigious Diamond and Platinum awards from GAMA for General Agency Leadership. He was qualified as the #1 Associate Regional Director in America for 3 consecutive years and Executive Council member for 10-consecutive years. Dean of East coast Agent Bankers University. Exemplary Leadership experience and skills that allow him to collaborate and drive field as well as H.O. results toward any companies vision.

Specialties: Gaining, training, and driving radical growth in all sales organizations. Specializing in Leadership development, growing people and organizations, personally, professionally and financially. Nationally inspiring public speaker and trainer on Leadership, systems and drivers, as well as expectations and accountability in sales organizations. Teaching Managers how to become great leaders, and gain, train, and maintain dynamic sales teams.

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