Global Change-Makers Unveil Secrets to Stepping into a Best-Self Mentality: World-Class Tips for Transformation With Dr. John Demartini   

In entrepreneurship, traversing a lonely path that demands unwavering courage, unyielding determination, and the ability to adapt to ever-evolving circumstances can be a regular way of life. While such a journey can present challenges, it can also be gratifying, yet it is imperative to factor in self-care, which is often not a priority. To provide insights for embracing a healthy level of personal wellbeing, the CEO and Founder of TMSP Agency, Mark Stephen Pooler, has compiled tips from an impressive list of world-class change makers who present their journey as a wellspring of hope and inspiration during the most trying moments. Their shared experiences and expert advice underscore the transformative, liberating, and life-altering potential when pursuing one’s best self is at the forefront.

John Demartini, a polymath and globally published author, specializes in human behavior. He advocates aligning daily actions with deep, meaningful core values for personal growth, efficiency, and fulfillment, ultimately leading to an authentic and magnificent sense of self. 

Brenda Dempsey, Founder and CEO of Book Brilliance Publishing, is a proactive leader dedicated to empowering individuals by inspiring them to share their stories. She believes every person possesses an innate brilliance, unlocked through expressing their unique gifts, words, and actions in the world. Brenda envisions this as a catalyst for significant positive change that generates a ‘ripple of brilliance.’

Lalitha Donatella Riback, Founder of ShreemLab and author of Bliss Lab and I1 Laboratorio della Felicita, as well as a 200% life coach, asserts that uncovering one’s true self is the gateway to unlocking boundless potential. Embracing self-love, recognizing existing abundance, and guarding against negative thoughts are pivotal for personal transformation. 

Christine Marsh is an author, speaker, catalyst for change, and Founder of Prime Objectives, a consulting and training organization. She advocates embracing one’s innate gifts and potential to achieve a best-self mentality. Knowing that external judgments are a part of everyday life, she advises choosing external influences carefully, nourishing natural talents, and following one’s inner light as guiding principles. 

Global manifestation coach and host of the Manifesting Simplified podcast, Paulina Xenia, is recognized for her down-to-earth and practical approach to manifestation. Through her guidance, thousands worldwide have achieved their dreams by embracing that they are the creators of their own destinies. She encourages others to focus on elevating their self-concept and shift their beliefs to align with the best version of themselves to step into confidence.

Sarah Brown Hate’ is the Founder of SOUL-Based Healing and Mentoring, a coach, teacher, speaker, and best-selling author who helps women identify the root of their imbalance so that they may create a shift, putting an end to misalignment. Believing that women already possess what is needed to thrive, Sarah recommends utilizing the heart as an inner compass, connecting to and trusting its wisdom, and addressing fears and doubts from a place of love.

Hypnotherapist, channeler, spiritual consultant, author, and speaker Andrea Ramirez believes that thoughts are things. Andrea knows the way to a healthier mindset is by tapping into the subconscious to pinpoint the programming that limits achievements individuals are striving to achieve. 

Stephan Dekker, elite performance coach, international speaker, former Dutch Royal Marine, and former TopSport coach, is an expert on self-improvement. When asked to advise those wanting to step into the best version of themselves, he shares that it is like a ship heading towards uncharted waters. He recommends embracing discomfort because growth is outside comfort zones—every wave and gust of wind tests resilience and builds character.

Jackie Brennan, CEO and Founder of Workplace Wellbeing, is an international speaker and coach and knows what it takes to thrive in a challenging environment. Jackie adamantly believes that stepping into the best version of oneself requires self-love. It is the foundation of any self-development work and where all transformation begins.

Owner of Joy Centered Life, international best-selling author, and transformation coach Gwen Lepard also believes in the power of self-love, identifying it as the path to joy, peace, and gratitude. A tool Gwen shares for warding off the “snap-back” phenomenon, when new awareness surfaces and everyday life steps back in, causing the “snap” of previous programming, is conscious breathing and meditation—the most powerful method for self-love and healing.

Neringa Petrulyte, mentor, elite global beauty brand leader, and Founder of Modern Nature, inspires individuals to step into a better way of life by developing positive thinking. While everyone has negative thoughts, Neringa advises paying attention to the impact those harmful thoughts have, then writing them down and throwing them away.

Desiree Anderson, Founder of Crest Coaching & HR and best-selling author and speaker, helps jobseekers define what success means to them. When coaching her clients, Desiree asks that they get brutally honest with what the best version of themselves looks like. A regular tip to clients is to align thoughts with actions to achieve success.

Lidia Kuleshnyk, or Lady Apona, is a high-performance wellness coach who helps stressed and overworked individuals embrace their inner power. To step into one’s best self, Lidia advocates taking responsibility and knowing that no one else can do the work. Learning to honor oneself and embracing three powerful steps—becoming more Centered, Connected, and Conscious™ is the key to healing, transformation, and personal growth.

Michelle Reinglass, a reformed lawyer turned mediator, author, balance expert, and Reiki master, shares her advice for balancing positive and negative thoughts. Focusing on mindset, gratitude, and belief in oneself is vital for paving a healthy, successful path.

As 2023 is nearing an end, the hope is to inspire transformation and growth by embracing healthy, positive self-care approaches. 




Mark Stephen Pooler is the Founder, Editor in Chief, Media & News Publisher of MSP News Global. Mark oversees the company’s media business and its intersection with global business leaders. Before forming MSP News Global in 2020, Mark spent his time as a Professional Speaker, International Bestselling Author, Radio Host, and PR & Media Specialist. Mark is also the Founder of TMSP Agency, a Premium Media and PR Agency. He helps high-profile entrepreneurs share their stories globally through PR and digital media. When not working with his valued clients, Mark enjoys spending time with Lilly, his four-legged bestie.


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