Gerard Perillo Tops Amazon Best-Seller List with His New Book Sharkpreneur

Perillo states, “Business owners get so engrossed in everyday tasks that they lose sight of the bigger picture and strategic direction. The ability to adapt and innovate, particularly in challenging times like the recent global pandemic, is crucial.”

In a stunning achievement, Gerard Perillo has soared to the top of the Amazon Best-Seller list with his latest book, Sharkpreneur. Perillo’s book has secured the number one position in multiple categories, capturing the attention of readers and experts alike and solidifying his status as a leading authority in the business world.

Sharkpreneur explores the challenges faced by business owners, emphasizing the significance of adaptability and innovation. Perillo’s experience and expertise shine through as he provides invaluable insights and strategies to navigate the ever-changing entrepreneurship landscape. His thought-provoking anecdotes and practical advice resonate deeply with readers, igniting a spark of inspiration and invigorating their entrepreneurial spirit.

Gerard Perillo brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective as a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) and Business Certified Appraiser (BCA). With over 20 years of experience in valuing and selling businesses, he has successfully closed transactions totaling an impressive $510 million throughout his career, with $285 million sold in the last two years alone. His credentials set him apart from other business brokers, ensuring that the valuation of a business is neither understated or overstated.

Amidst the challenges posed by the recent global pandemic, Perillo’s message of adaptability and innovation resonates deeply with business owners seeking a roadmap to success. He emphasizes the need to embrace change rather than resist it, as those who adapt will thrive in the competitive business world.

“Don’t resist change because if you’re adaptable in the business community, you will find the right roadmap,” remarks Perillo. His words serve as a rallying call for entrepreneurs to embrace new strategies and approaches to drive their businesses to success.

To further support readers in their entrepreneurial journey, Sharkpreneur is now available for purchase on Amazon at

This compelling book is an essential resource for business owners looking to gain a competitive edge and achieve their goals.

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As a Co-Vice Chair of the eXp Business Brokerage Committee, Gerard is actively involved in developing guidelines and procedures to sell businesses in all 50 states. His commitment to excellence and innovative approach to business valuation have positioned him as an industry expert, making him a trusted advisor to countless entrepreneurs.

About Gerard Perillo
Gerard Perillo has been valuing and selling businesses for over 20 years. His remarkable career boasts the successful sale of hundreds of businesses, with $510 million in closed transactions. Gerard has sold businesses amounting to $285 million in the last two years alone. Gerard’s expertise is unmatched as a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) credentialed through the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). He is also a Business Certified Appraiser (BCA), which uniquely qualifies him as an SBA appraiser. In 2020, Gerard developed Today’s VAL, the first business valuation software that integrates with Intuit QuickBooks, establishing himself as an industry expert in business valuation. Gerard Perillo joined the eXp Commercial Business Brokerage division in October 2021, bringing his esteemed Shark Team with him. He currently serves as Co-Vice Chair of the eXp Business Brokerage Committee, playing a pivotal role in developing guidelines and procedures for selling businesses nationwide.

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