Fletcher Ellingson Tops Amazon Best-Seller List with His New Book “The Practice of Feeling Good”

In this compelling read, Ellingson invites readers to radically change their perception of emotions, people, themselves, and situations. Rather than categorizing them as right, wrong, good, or bad, he encourages readers to see every situation as containing a valuable message and an opportunity for growth and progress.

From overcoming financial struggle to achieving financial stability, combating illness to embracing vitality, and healing fractured relationships to nurturing fulfilling ones, Ellingson demonstrates the life-changing benefits of transforming thinking and practicing “feeling good.” This book is not about relentless positivity, but instead, it offers a practical approach to reprogramming the brain to allow for new thoughts, actions, and, ultimately, new results.

“What I want my readers to take away from this book is that those dreams that you’ve had, those visions of what life could be, they are a reality,” says Ellingson. “We can change the way we think. And in order to change the way we think, it requires new neural pathways. And the beautiful thing that we know now is that the brain can create new neural pathways.”

Ready to release thinking that has held you shackled to resignation, cynicism, and survival mode? Ready to harness the power of “feeling good” and step into a life of deliberate creating and thriving? Then this book is for you. Join Fletcher Ellingson on this fascinating and important journey because the extraordinary, feel-good life you desire is absolutely possible!

Readers can learn more and schedule a complimentary Feel-Good Discovery Session on Fletcher’s website: https://fletcherellingson.com/

Companies that would like to create a Feel-Good work environment can also contact Fletcher Ellingson on his website.

About Fletcher Ellingson: Fletcher Ellingson is a speaker, coach, author, and creator of The Practice of Feeling Good in Business and Life. He helps his clients break free from financial struggle, overwhelm, and persistent worry, enabling them to spend more time doing what they love, contributing to their families, and impacting their communities.

With his practical approach, Ellingson has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and successful professionals embrace the principles of The Practice of Feeling Good, resulting in radical shifts in thinking and outstanding outcomes in health, wealth, and relationships. His clients learn to navigate life with greater ease and joy using a combination of science, psychology, and inquiry into being.

To learn more about Fletcher Ellingson and his work, visit https://fletcherellingson.com/

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