Enrolled Agent & Tax Professional Sugey Piedra Talks Tips for Stopping Tax-Season Dread on the Doctor ME FIRST Podcast

Sugey Piedra, an enrolled agent, certified tax preparer, and co-founder of Prominence Business & Wealth Management, recently appeared on the Doctor ME FIRST podcast. In the interview, Sugey shared her insights and expertise on what listeners can do to avoid tax season dread.

During the conversation, Sugey shared strategies for:

  • Working on your taxes all year long to avoid sticker shock on your April tax bill
  • How to form a strategic tax plan with a tax pro
  • Building a winning finance team for your life and business
  • Leveraging tax advantages based on your income type

Sugey shared, “I’ve been doing taxes for over 20 years. Over the years, I’ve discovered that taxes do not have to be that bad! We can definitely turn around how we feel about taxes if we’re a little more proactive.”

In the episode, Sugey talked about money-saving tax strategies that anyone can take advantage of, regardless of how they earn money. She also highlighted some key differences between W-2 earners and entrepreneurs when it comes to the tax code. “Business owners and W-2 employees pay taxes differently,” Sugey explained. “W-2 employees have higher purchasing power for loans but access to fewer write-offs. Business owners can deduct more expenses to lower taxable profits, but may need to carefully manage income in order to qualify for mortgages.”

To listen to Sugey Piedra’s appearance on the Doctor ME FIRST podcast, visit https://podcasts.apple.com/sa/podcast/less-taxes-with-sugey-piedra/id1445688396?i=1000637390968

About Sugey Piedra

As an enrolled agent and 20+ year certified tax preparer, Sugey Piedra likes to make her clients’ money work for them so that they don’t have to work forever.

In her daily work as co-founder of Prominence Business & Wealth Management,  Sugey supports high-earning, service-based business owners to achieve long-term wealth through a holistic approach to financial services, providing bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial planning, and tax strategy under one roof.

Together with her two sisters/co-founders, Sugey runs the business and also hosts and produces Tax Talk with HeyHey Podcast, where they provide insights into business taxes, wealth building, and what it means to really create financial freedom. Besides her own show, Sugey has also been featured on Sell Without Selling.

When she’s not helping service-based business owners grow their income, Sugey enjoys traveling, horseback riding, and working on her own growth mindset.




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