Embracing Faith and Business: “God Made Millionaire With TC Bradley” Expands to Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston on FOX

Fort Worth, Texas –  “God Made Millionaire With TC Bradley,” the highly acclaimed television show known for its faith-fueled entrepreneurship and inspiring stories, is thrilled to announce its expansion to the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston markets. The nationally syndicated programming, currently airing on the GEB Network on DIRECTV Channel 363, will now have increased weekly airings in two major television markets, starting September 4, 2023.

The high-impact TV series, produced by TC Bradley and JL Ferren, will now be broadcasted five times a week on two FOX affiliate stations: KDFI in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and KTXH in Houston. These two markets rank 5th and 7th, respectively, in the country’s television market, ensuring a broader reach for the show’s transformative faith-based and business content. Additionally, this expansion offers the opportunity for featured guests to reach a larger audience through the nationally syndicated television show and now in two major television markets.

“Our television show was never meant to be confined to faith-based networks alone; it was always my unwavering intention to bring our message to non-faith-based networks as well. The expansion to the vibrant Texas markets, particularly Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston, breathes life into that very dream,” stated TC Bradley passionately. “By reaching these major television markets, we are breaking barriers and transcending boundaries, spreading our powerful and inspirational content far and wide. It’s a remarkable milestone that fuels our mission to empower individuals from all walks of life, reinforcing the belief that faith and entrepreneurship can ignite extraordinary transformations. Together, we will make an indelible impact on the lives we touch.”

Over the past three years, “God Made Millionaire” has resonated with millions of viewers nationwide on the Word Network. The expansion to FOX Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston’s KTXH represents a significant leap forward in the show’s mission to inspire and equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the mindset and tools necessary to achieve their dreams while introducing unique faith-based programming on major, non-faith-based television networks.

For more information about “God Made Millionaire With TC Bradley” and to find broadcast times in your area, please visit the official website: https://www.GodMadeMillionaireTV.com

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