Dr. Virginia LeBlanc THE Pivot Maestro, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast.

Dr. Virginia LeBlanc (DocV, as she is called) is a star on the global scene across industries, mastering the art of the pivot. Next Steps Coach & Consultant, Dr. LeBlanc is a results-driven 360° leader with accomplishments and strong business acumen which have afforded her respect and admiration across the globe. Whether going through life, career, or business transition, if you want to change your trajectory and define your path under next steps transforming wisdom that works, you want to engage DocV. Not only does she speak to the heart, mind, and soul of her clients and audiences, but she also gives divergent thinking guidance on how to connect the dots and put them together for sustainable wins in life and career transition! As a result of her company Defining Paths’ (DP) Human Capital Value (HCV) philosophy and “people first” training model, businesses seeking to change internal dynamics and boost morale in not only operational thinking but also productivity and camaraderie are transformed from the inside out along with employees.

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“When people are placed at the heart of the bottom line, sustainable and extraordinary outcomes are the result. Get it right with the workforce and everything else will fall into place. Value your people and management will come easy. Learn how to manage through a ‘value’ proposition.”
DocV explained that “Society has conditioned us to think inside the box, education teaches us to think outside the box, but life will teach you to think without a box. The box exists to keep you in or to keep you out. Be a divergent thinker and shine unapologetically!”



About Dr. Virginia LeBlanc

DocV is a highly sought-after and well-respected multi-disciplinary expert and international thought leader purposed to heal from the inside out, rebuild, and transform lives by helping clients think without a box and connect the dots.
DocV’s passion for transformation through transition led her to the founding of the heart-centered company Defining Paths, where she is in the business of putting YOU back in business through her Next Steps Coaching, Consulting, and Training programs. Her gift is as an intercessor for women, active-duty military, and veterans meeting you where you are and serving as a catalyst and bridge to take you where you were meant to be.
Dr. LeBlanc’s experience spans business, government, higher education, the performing arts, and not-for-profit sectors serving entities as the Department of the Navy, Booz Allen Hamilton, Indiana University, and the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. An author, speaker, singer, coach, consultant, trainer, and educator, she possesses over 25 years’ experience and a portfolio of diverse competencies and skills honed and leveraged through divergent thinking.
DocV is the international best-selling author of Love the Skin YOU’RE In: How to Conquer Life Through Divergent Thinking, her autobiographical love-letter to Society on mindsets, thought processes, facing fears, and defining your path to purpose to conquer in life, love, leadership, and business. Her next installment in the developing series is Love the Skin YOU’RE In for the Warfighter, due out Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2021

Learn More: https://definingpaths.info/

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