Dr. Alex Joannou Aims To Stick It To Depression Through Transformational Acupuncture

Dr. Alex Joannou commits his life to training acupuncturists to alleviate depression worldwide through his book, Stick It To Depression, and his experiential workshops.

Depression is so common and can have a devastating effect on people and their loved ones. “I felt a total lack of joy in my life. I wanted to cry for no apparent reason. I felt a total loss of confidence. I felt like a failure. I felt shame. I felt defeated. Is this all there is to life?” These are common statements by people with depression.

Many therapies are available to treat depression and anxiety, including cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, psychodynamic therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and, of course, Antidepressants. Unfortunately, these are not without their problems. 

Sometimes patients don’t want to keep talking about their past traumas through many, many hours of counseling. Often antidepressants can have side effects and blunt emotions, good and bad, leaving them in a fairly numb state. Acupuncture can be an adjunct to these methods and has minimal to no side effects. Dr. Alex is devoted to tackling depression and anxiety around the globe through Transformational Acupuncture. 

Dr. Alex Joannou’s Purpose In Life

Combining the knowledge of over 40 years as a doctor and 25 years as an acupuncturist, Dr. Alex is a leading expert worldwide in the management of depression and other mental illnesses with acupuncture. He began his medical journey when he graduated from the University of Sydney, MBBS, with Honors in 1979. 

Since then, he has climbed the career ladder, one step at a time. From being elected as a Fellow of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine; then attaining a Graduate Certificate in Acupuncture from Monash University; to having been RACGP Accredited in Focused Psychological Strategies, Dr. Alex has dedicated his career to diagnosing and treating mental illnesses following the suicide of a friend some twelve years ago.  

Transformational Acupuncture International

During his 40-year medical career, Dr. Alex has been consulted over 300,000 times and has witnessed firsthand the complex interrelationship between mind, body, and spirit. 

Now, Dr. Alex has turned his complete attention to training acupuncturists worldwide. He says that there are an estimated 280,000,000 people in the world with depression, and his acupuncture method helps people with this problem. But he alone could not possibly assist the number of patients. So, to make a real difference, he decided to clone himself! Not literally, though. He has committed the rest of his life to training acupuncturists worldwide to “stick it to depression” through his organization, Transformational Acupuncture International. He delivers fun and easy-to-learn experiential workshops and has an online presence too. Click here to find out more.

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