Diane Mueller, Founder of Femme Meets Fortune, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Diane Mueller discusses how she helps female entrepreneurs grow their businesses by empowering them to find the connection between pleasure and business. 

Listen to the interview on the Business Innovators Radio Network:


When female entrepreneurs recognize and leverage the connection between pleasure and business, they can open up possibilities for creating successful products or services that offer a unique customer experience. This connection allows female entrepreneurs to tap into the power of positive reinforcement. By associating their work with something enjoyable, women are likelier to stick with it and make progress even when the going gets tough. Additionally, the connection has been found to boost creativity and problem-solving skills, giving women an extra edge over their competition.

The connection between pleasure and business can help female entrepreneurs to build a successful network. When women can find joy in their work, they’re more likely to reach out and form relationships with other like-minded professionals. This can be incredibly beneficial in gaining access to valuable resources, insights, advice, and support from others who understand the unique challenges that female entrepreneurs face.

Overall, forming a compelling connection between pleasure and business enables female entrepreneurs to thrive in ways that may not have been possible without it. This powerful tool allows women to unlock doors for greater success and fulfillment as they pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Diane shared: “At Femme Meets Fortune, we believe that prosperity is not only about financial success but also the ability to achieve one’s aspirations and dreams. We are committed to supporting our community in reaching its goals, and through giving back to organizations that empower women, we hope to help create a brighter future for everyone. Ultimately, our goal is to help you attain your own unique definition of prosperity and success.”

Client Dr. Francesca Quinn, says: “Being an overwhelmed business owner, it was difficult for me to both see the specific problems in my business as well as the best way to solve them. Dr. Diane provided laser focus for determining where the inefficiencies were. Working with her helped me put systems into place that save me time, prevent overwhelm for both me and my staff, and has allowed me to better focus on what I do best – making money and seeing clients. Working with her is a must for female entrepreneurs!”


About Diane Mueller

With a proven track record of taking businesses to the top 4% in America, Diane (aka Diamond) has the experience and expertise to help you navigate the challenges of growing an online business. She understands the unique struggles women face and has developed a coaching program that addresses those challenges head-on. Her approach is not just about business strategy and analytics, but also about corporate culture, pleasure, and embodiment. She will help you see your “lemon” traits as your “superpowers” and overcome the inner voice that often holds women back.

Learn more: https://femmemeetsfortune.com/




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