David Knight’s New Book “Foresight: Unleashing The Power Of Your Psychic Gifts To Predict The Future” Available For Pre-Order

A renowned spiritual author’s new book “Foresight: Unleashing the Power of Your Psychic Gifts to Predict the Future” is available for pre-order and aimed at people who are truth seekers and want to channel their psychic gifts. 

David Knight is a 58-year-old Amazon best-selling author. He started exploring spirituality and psychic gifts after an enlightening meeting with a medium at the age of 21. With more than 30 years experience of attending meditation groups and classes, he barges open the doors to the psychic world. This book is based on his experiences of the dream worldbeyond the boundary of the sensesand will be available to order globally on 1st December, 2022. 

The introduction guides the reader through the fate/karma/divine timing conundrum with a detailed analysis of some historic events and tragedies. An explanation of how he journals his dreams, followed by twenty of his illustrated precognitions and a unique divination guide will take the readers on the venture of self-discovery … and give them the means to foresee the future too. ‘FORESIGHT’ is his 10th book on personal development and spiritual awareness. To access the subconscious, this book will open up about many obscure parts of life that we fail to notice. 

David has been organizing personal development, healing, and spiritual circles for many years  and led many sessions on achieving ‘oneness’ and mindfulness in the UK. He helps people through the power of inner dictation, dream interpretation, meditation, mindfulness and precognition. And, through his connection with the divine/source/God co-writes his books to provide you with the foundation to discover your own path of truth. With a renewed sense of purpose, the spiritual guidance and education you receive can help you reach the goal of self-realization and bliss within the permanence of love and light. 

His experience makes such methods successful, and this new book is a testament to howwhen mind, heart and soul work togetherreaders can access the superconsciousness through their subconscious. Pre-order FORESIGHT here. 

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