David Cargill, Financial Advisor with LPL Financial, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing How To Select The Best Financial Advisor

David Cargill discusses how to select the best financial advisor based on their ability to listen to your needs. 

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Financial advisors are professionals who can assist individuals in comprehending and managing their wealth. But the query remains: how does someone discover an advisor who genuinely listens to their requirements? The following are some pointers on the attributes to seek when opting for a financial advisor.

  1. Examine Listening Skills

When engaging with potential financial advisors, it becomes imperative to discern indications that they are attuned to a person’s needs. Inquire about their experience and closely hold their responses. Do they invest time in clarifying matters lucidly? Are they amenable to posing follow-up queries if something remains unclear? Such attributes signify that the financial advisor is genuinely attentive.

  1. Testimonials and Reviews

One of the optimal techniques to assess an advisor’s listening acumen is perusing testimonials and reviews from previous clients. These resources are often accessible online, or someone can directly question the advisor if any are available. These insights provide valuable glimpses into the advisor’s interactions with other clients and whether their approach resonates with one’s own necessities.

  1. Inquire About Qualifications

Lastly, verifying the qualifications of the chosen financial advisor is crucial. Probe into their qualifications and any specialized training they may have undertaken. It is vital to ensure that their expertise aligns with the specific financial requisites. By adhering to this, individuals can be confident that their chosen advisor possesses ample experience to grasp their needs and aid in achieving their goals.

David explained: “Pinpointing a financial advisor who truly prioritizes listening can pose challenges. To ensure a fitting choice, remain alert to cues of listening aptitude in preliminary interactions, peruse feedback from past clients, and elicit information about qualifications and specialized training. Moreover, seeking a second opinion before pivotal decisions is a prudent move.”

About David Cargill

Mr. Cargill graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. His primary focus was Accounting. He also emphasized Economics and Spanish.

Mr. Cargill joined LPL in 2022 after two years with a similar firm. There he oversaw 50 retirement plans: coordinating and conducting their annual plan reviews, fund analyses, and other administrative tasks. He also provided portfolio management and financial planning services to individual clients. Prior to his financial career, David spent five years with a non-profit organization, where his responsibilities included fundraising, recruiting, and supervising of team members. David’s business studies, along with his broad scope of management and networking skills, have created a solid foundation for his career in financial services and the development of long-term client relationships.

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