Dan Brooks, Founder of Xexis Private Wealth, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing The E.A.S.E. Planning Process.

Dan Brooks discusses the E.A.S.E planning process: simplifying the complexities of finance. 

Listen to the interview on the Business Innovators Radio Network: https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/interview-with-dan-brooks-founder-of-xexis-private-wealth-discussing-the-e-a-s-e-planning-process/

In this episode, Dan Brooks shares a personal experience that motivated him to enter the financial services industry. He witnessed his father’s financial difficulties due to poor advice from a stockbroker, which not only resulted in financial loss but also impacted his health. This personal experience fueled Dan’s desire to prevent others from going through similar hardships and make a positive impact.

Dan Brooks emphasizes his goal of changing people’s lives by providing the best financial advice possible. He is dedicated to ensuring that individuals and families are well-informed and capable of making sound financial decisions. Dan also mentions his commitment to community service, highlighting his willingness to work for free and give back.

Furthermore, Dan finds true fulfillment in seeing the positive impact he has on someone’s life. He believes that changing one family’s financial situation at a time is significant and rewarding. Dan Brooks acknowledges that the stories he hears from clients reaffirm his initial motivation to enter the industry and prevent others from facing financial difficulties.

Overall, Dan Brooks aims to make a difference in people’s lives, prevent financial hardships, and provide clarity and education to his clients. He strives to ensure that individuals have a clear understanding of their financial situation and work towards their desired retirement goals.

Dan Brooks introduces the E.A.S.E planning process, designed to help clients achieve their retirement goals and make informed decisions. The process consists of four steps: Educate, Analyze, Strategize, and Enjoy.

Dan shared: “I wanted to learn what each of them are doing and the different sides of the business. There’s the investment side, there’s the insurance side, there’s the planning side. I wanted to dive into that. I did all of the training that I could do. I’ve completed the certified financial planning coursework and hundreds of hours of other training to really kind of peel back the curtain of what was going on in the industry. I put this E.A.S.E planning process together and it came about from our clients who were telling us at the end of the process that we’re using, which we didn’t have a name for.”

Dan also added: “We have developed a proprietary process to reduce the complicated financial world to its five key areas, so people can easily grasp how their plan works and relax about their money.”

About Dan Brooks

Dan entered the U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Power program after high school and upon discharge, he purchased the family business which he operated for 7 years.

After his father’s death, he discovered his father lost a small fortune due to bad advice from a stock broker.  Dan decided to enter financial services to find out how this could happen, and help others avoid it.

In 2004 he completed the Certified Financial Planner coursework and in 2005 opened a Registered Investment Advisor firm.

He owns both a Financial Advisor firm and a tax firm based in Lake Mary, Florida.  Dan works with a Registered Investment Advisor firm that manages over 3 billion dollars and is one of the fastest-growing firms in the nation.

Dan’s specialty is comprehensive retirement planning, including income planning, tax mitigation, catastrophic health care planning, Medicare, Estate Planning, and Generational Wealth.

On a personal level, his proudest accomplishment was being a single father to his daughter, who is a Police Officer.  He enjoys golf, hiking, traveling, cooking, and discovering new restaurants.

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