Christina Lael, Tax Attorney with Freedom Tax Plans, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing How Business Owners Can Decrease Taxes Without Spending More Money

Christina Lael discusses how she helps entrepreneurs reduce their taxes while growing their businesses. When optimizing tax strategy, savvy business owners move beyond the safe, straightforward techniques they have always used to get extraordinary results. Instead of simply filing their taxes yearly, they implement a proactive approach and plan ahead to ensure they take advantage of every savings opportunity.

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Knowing the different ways to reduce tax liability legally is essential for a business owner. By taking advantage of the various deductions and credits available, they can save a significant amount each year.

One way to reduce taxes is to maximize deductions. Many deductions are available to businesses, so they need to familiarize themselves with the options and ensure they’re taking advantage of all that apply to their situation. Some common business deductions include expenses for office supplies, travel, advertising, and employee benefits.

Another way to lower taxes is to take advantage of tax credits. A number of credits available can help offset the cost of doing business. For example, the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit can help offset the cost of providing health insurance for employees.

Business owners can significantly reduce their tax liability by taking advantage of deductions and credits. This can free up more money to reinvest in their business, hire new personnel, or expand operations.

Christina explained: “If you are a business owner interested in how to legally save the maximum in taxes and move away from outdated beliefs that might lead you to pay more taxes than necessary, using tax-saving strategies most business owners are missing today, we should talk! I am a Tax Attorney and a CPA with 10+ years experience. My team and I focus on legally and aggressively reducing tax liability for entrepreneurs. Because this is our focus, we are the best at what we do. We work with some of the country’s most elite financial advisors and CPAs to develop advanced strategies for maximum tax reduction and wealth creation.”

Their Freedom Tax Plans program is 110% guaranteed to save any business owner thousands in taxes or 110% of the money back for a ridiculously low price.
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About Christina Lael

Christina Lael is a Certified Public Accountant, an attorney, a Certified Tax Planner, and a self-proclaimed “tax nerd.” She reads case law like some people binge-watch Netflix and gets excited when she discovers anything new. Apart from spending time with her family and playing golf or tennis, nothing gives her more pleasure than seeing her clients’ reaction when she demonstrates how much their new tax plan will save them.

She is positively obsessed with helping clients structure their businesses in a way that legally saves them the maximum in taxes, funds their retirement accounts quicker, and avoids astronomical taxes when/if they sell. Christina is one of only 60 tax coaches certified by the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners™, the premier organization providing ongoing education in proactive tax-planning strategies.

Christina is a frequent guest on popular podcasts, frequently speaks on changes in tax regulations, has released the book Thinking Outside The Tax Box, and is a popular instructor for several continuing education providers.

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