Carol A Santella Takes The Lead Helping 1000s With A New Way To Save Money, Cut Waste And Keep Foods Fresher Longer

Every year in America, there are over 500 billion pounds of food that find its way to landfills, much of it from spoilage. This represents over 50 billion dollars in actual costs to families. Additionally, it is estimated that medical costs from foodborne illnesses are well in excess of 150 billion dollars annually.

Unlike traditional food preservation methods, Herbie™ is based on far infrared emissivity, which has been scientifically proven in multiple independent laboratory studies to increase the shelf life of nearly all foods and enhance their flavor and taste, particularly that of fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products.

Oxidation and moisture loss are the two leading factors that foster mold, bacteria, nasty odors and rapid food spoilage in both refrigerators and pantries.

Far infrared technology slows the growth of bacteria and other pathogens that can cause spoilage and food-borne illnesses.

Santella, a multi-disciplined natural healthcare practitioner and business positioning consultant, is “very excited to bring Herbie™ to the market and share its benefits with the world. I have personally tested and witnessed firsthand the benefits of Herbie™ and found the results to be incredible.”

Santella continued: “I am passionate about this little, amazing disc. Experiencing it every day in my own refrigerator, seeing it work amazingly has only amplified my desire to let as many as possible know about Herbie™. Consumers, natural healthcare practitioners, functional medicine doctors, hospitality professionals, restauranteurs, retailers, to name a few and all consumers who are interested and who can benefit from an affordable and sustainable option to reduce food waste, save money on grocery bills and eat fresher foods is my mission.”

Herbie™ also diminishes the production of ethylene gas that is also part of the spoilage process of foods, particularly fruits and veggies and extends the life of cooked foods, breads and baked goods as well.

Herbie™ can be placed in the refrigerator, bread drawer or anywhere that requires better shelf life for foods. Santella quoted: “Herbie holds promise for dramatically reducing spoilage worldwide, as well as significantly lowering the incidence of illness from food-borne diseases. It is a consumer-based product that lasts for two full years, making it extremely cost effective as well. With its ability to preserve foods and keep grocery costs down, this small, clear disc is a game-changer for families and individuals alike.”

It seems others feel quite the same positive reaction to their usage of this FIR infused disc. “I was hesitant at first. How was this going to work? Absolutely, incredibly. That’s how. It’s very well made, sturdy and what really impressed me was the fact that even the strawberries and cucumbers which always spoil quickly, have lasted up to 3 weeks. I love this little disc” and “I saw what it started to do with my bread and crackers so I thought I’d try it in the fridge to see what would happen to cheese as cheese can get moldy fairly quickly. It did wonders. No mold and the cheese stayed so fresh and actually tasted or seemed more rich. I definitely recommend this little Herbie™ disc” stated SP Block and Sherry Rodgers, respectively.

Herbie™ is not just a product, it’s a solution to a global problem. It has the power to dramatically reduce spoilage worldwide and help families save money on their grocery bills.

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