Business Innovators Radio Podcast Features Steve Sipress, Renowned Small Business Sales and Marketing Expert

Business Innovators Radio is excited to announce the latest episode featuring Steve Sipress, a highly sought-after small business sales and marketing consultant. In this engaging interview, Host Marco Salinas interviews Sipress as he shares his insights and expertise accumulated over 35+ years of helping ambitious business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and sales professionals achieve extraordinary success.
The episode delves into Sipress’ journey as a serial entrepreneur who has built and grown over a dozen successful companies. His vast experience and deep understanding of sales and marketing have positioned him as a go-to adviser for top business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, experts, and thought leaders in a wide range of industries.
As the publisher of Rhino Monthly Magazine, the Rhino Daily blog, and the Rhino Daily podcast, Sipress has established himself as an authority in the industry. He has also written numerous newsletters and articles for various publications, appeared on radio and TV, and authored over 20 best-selling books. His extensive experience and vast knowledge have made him a trusted marketing advisor for top business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, experts, and thought leaders across multiple industries.
When asked about the inspiration behind his successful career, Sipress shared, “I come from a background where my mother was a school teacher and my father was a salesman. This combination of influences instilled in me a passion for education and a drive for entrepreneurial success. I believe in the power of sharing knowledge and helping others achieve their goals. It’s a win-win situation; I get to learn from my clients and they benefit from my expertise.”
When asked about the significance of the rhinoceros, Sipress explains that it stems from the book “Rhinoceros Success” by Scott Alexander. The book defines entrepreneurs as rhinos, constantly charging towards their goals, living in the jungle with thick skin, and hunting every day for survival. In contrast, the cows represent those content with a complacent, 9-to-5 lifestyle. Sipress embraces the rhino mentality and encourages others to adopt it as well, pushing them to be proactive, determined, and unstoppable in their pursuit of success.
One of the highlights of the conversation revolves around the impact of Dan Kennedy, a renowned marketing expert, on Sipress’ entrepreneurial journey. Sipress attributes a significant portion of his success to the teachings of Kennedy, particularly his emphasis on using personality in copywriting. Drawing from Kennedy’s principles, Sipress advises entrepreneurs to create a character for their business that stands out, attracts their target audience, and cultivates a loyal following.
Reflecting on his own experiences, Sipress acknowledges that no journey is without setbacks and challenges. He candidly shares his personal experiences of facing failures, setbacks, and even a period of homelessness with “Law degree in hand” as he stated. However, he credits these experiences for sharpening his ability to spot warning signs and assist his clients in navigating potential pitfalls.
In the episode, Sipress also emphasizes the importance of having a mentor, being part of mastermind groups, and seeking guidance from those who have already achieved the level of success one aspires to reach.
Listeners can expect to gain valuable insights and practical tips from Sipress’ extensive knowledge and unique perspective on sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship. His infectious passion for teaching and empowering others shines through as he shares his strategies for success.
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