Business Expense Reduction Company Offers Complimentary Utility Bill Audit, Increases Bottom Line For 80% Of Clients

The Bill Saver Team is a leading cost reduction consultancy firm that is dedicated to helping businesses save money on their regular expenses. The company is offering a free audit to businesses all over the USA that want to uncover hidden savings on their utility bills. The expert auditors at The Bill Saver Team have the expertise to identify and eliminate calculation errors and discrepancies in utility invoices, which often results in refunds and reductions in monthly bills.

On average, they have found around 80% of businesses are being overcharged on their utility expenses due to mistakes in billing and calculation errors. The Bill Saver Team’s mission is to rectify these errors and provide businesses with the savings they deserve. The company’s auditors will carefully examine years worth of bills and identify overcharges, eliminating mistakes, and obtaining refunds for their clients whenever possible. This can often result in significant refund checks being received. For businesses in deregulated states, The Bill Saver Team can also help reduce electricity bills, providing significant savings to their clients.

The audit process is completely free, with no obligation to continue, and there are no upfront or out-of-pocket expenses. If The Bill Saver Team does not find any refunds or reduction opportunities, the business pays nothing. However, if savings are found, The Bill Saver Team splits the amount 50/50 with the client.

Businesses often assume that their bills are accurate and overlook the potential savings they could be missing. This can leave companies vulnerable to overcharges and errors. The utility company’s position is that it is the business’s responsibility to verify their bills, but this is not always practical for businesses with limited resources. This is where The Bill Saver Team comes in. The company’s team of auditors will carefully examine every bill and identify any errors, negotiating refunds and reductions on behalf of their clients.

The Bill Saver Team’s audit is the best way for businesses to ensure they are not overcharged on their utility expenses. The audit process is easy, quick and non-invasive, with no disruption to the business’s daily operations and with the potential of significant savings going straight to the bottom line.

“Too often, companies assume their bills are accurate and overlook potential savings,” says Ric Garland, Marketing Manager at The Bill Saver Team. “An audit from The Bill Saver Team is the best thing a business can do to ensure they are not overcharged on utility expenses. Our team will identify and eliminate errors, find refunds and negotiate reductions, all at no cost to the business. We’re like another member of their team.”

To qualify for a free audit the business should be spending a minimum of around $4k per month in total spend across all utilities (e.g. gas, electricity, telecoms, water, security etc.). For Non-Profits the monthly spend is around a minimum of $2k per month.

With regard to minimum levels of spending, Ric Garland, Marketing Manager also added this, “For businesses that don’t meet our monthly minimum spend, people like Sole Traders or Contractors, we can still help. In those cases we simply look at bills individually and will then negotiate with the suppliers on the client’s behalf to see if we can get them a reduction. It really is a case of ‘everybody’s welcome’. All they need to do is visit our website and upload a copy of the bills they would like us to take a look at. We’ve tried to keep it a really quick and simple process that won’t interfere with their busy day’.

For more information on The Bill Saver Team’s cost reduction consultancy services, visit their website here. The company offers a free, no-obligation audit to businesses looking to save money on their utility expenses. By examining years worth of bills, The Bill Saver Team can identify overcharges and provide refunds and reductions, all at no cost to the business. Simply visit to get the ball rolling.

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