BioDatAi partners with Krista Software and Self Pay Medical to Enhance Information Sharing and Collaboration Between Healthcare Providers, Patients, and Payers

BioDatAi has partnered with Self Pay Medical and Krista Software in order to expand the capabilities of their secure, intelligent platform that allows stakeholders to connect and share real-time data, thus improving cost transparency and enabling payers to make better-informed choices. BioDatAi’s user-focused platform, which is an industry leader in interoperability, is enhanced by Krista Software’s natural language processing abilities and Self Pay Medical’s extensive database that captures over five million real-time price points related to procedures offered by over 45,000 unique providers.

ETT (“Economic Transformation Technologies”) Executive Chairman, Chris Condon, is excited about its subsidiary, BiodatAi Interoperability platform’s new strategic partnership with Krista Software to collectively offer distinctively innovative automation and interoperability solutions for healthcare.

The BiodatAi Platform not only delivers real-time integration of systems and data, but also provides its users the ability to draw upon common core services such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other data sciences, to make data smart, predictive, real-time, and secure.

Krista’s Intelligent Automation platform, exploiting its unique natural language understanding (NLU) interface, is one of the most capable and powerful automation technologies available within healthcare today.

Kelly Cook, CEO of BioDatAi, expressed her enthusiasm for Krista’s intelligent automation platform, which she called “one of the most capable and powerful automation technologies available within healthcare today”. Cook went on to say that in order to increase the value of their Interoperability Platform for healthcare clients, they sought out “best-in-class” technology partners that could provide differentiated capabilities, and they found what they were looking for with Krista.

John Michelson, CEO of Krista Software, envisions that Krista’s natural language understanding (NLU) interface will revolutionize communication and collaboration in healthcare by permitting hospitals, providers, patients, and insurers to interact and collaborate with greater transparency. According to Michelson, this partnership is “reshaping how interoperability and automation are conducted in healthcare.”

BioDatAi’s expansive FHIR-enabled federated database supports all of the industry-standard systems that are currently utilized in healthcare. Integrating this system’s interoperability with Self Pay Medical’s comprehensive pricing database and Krista’s intelligent technology has produced a new industry standard that allows stakeholders to access and compare providers and prices with greater transparency.

Hospitals can expect BioDatAi’s platform to help them meet the requirements of the federal Hospital Price Transparency Rule that went into effect in 2021. Under 20% of hospitals comply with this rule according to a report released by last January.

Economic Transformation Technologies, the parent company of BioDatAi, made news when it teamed up with Give Life Foundation to create an online database to log patients who had recovered from COVID-19.

About BioDatAI:
BioDatAI is focused on delivering new, innovative healthcare services and solutions that address the ever-changing needs of the global healthcare marketplace. This platform presents real-time integration of secure systems and data leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). For more information, please visit

About Krista Software:
Krista produces a revolutionary automation system that utilizes a conversational format as its
programming language. It combines process automation, AI/ML, and natural language processing, allowing for the automation of business workflows through multiple users and systems. For more information, please visit

About Self Pay Medical
Self Pay Medical delivers transparency and access to medical costs through a disruptive consumer-driven platform. Additional services include patient concierge/advocate services, telemedicine, medical financing, and a host of additional patient resources that empower consumers. For more information, please visit

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