Author & Writing Coach Mary Adkins Talks on Popular Enneagram & Coffee Podcast About Enneagram Types and the Challenges They Face When Writing

Author, Writing Coach, and Founder of The Book Incubator Mary Adkins, renowned for her expertise in empowering writers to unlock their creative potential, appeared as a guest on the highly acclaimed Enneagram & Coffee podcast.

With an impressive background in writing coaching, Mary Adkins has facilitated transformative experiences for countless writers seeking to elevate their craft. Her unique approach combines the principles of the Enneagram with practical storytelling techniques, enabling writers to tap into their authentic voice and create impactful narratives.

The Enneagram, a powerful tool for personal growth and self-awareness, has gained widespread recognition for its ability to enhance creativity and unlock hidden potential. Mary Adkins’ appearance on the Enneagram & Coffee podcast highlights this psychometric system’s significance in writing.

During the podcast, Mary explained the symbiotic relationship between understanding one’s Enneagram type and honing writing skills. She emphasized, “By embracing the Enneagram, writers can gain invaluable self-knowledge, gaining insight into their strengths, weaknesses, and unique perspectives. This self-awareness enables them to tap into the depths of their creativity and deliver narratives that resonate with readers profoundly.”

In this episode, Mary speaks about taking a deep dive into the Enneagram types and how understanding those nine types can help people understand themselves as a writer, gives insight on how to write better, and brings a perspective around the obstacles people might be facing when taking up this big project of writing their book.

Mary shared: I am excited to think of how you can change your writing process to work for you rather than changing your lifestyle or natural approach to fit somebody else’s process.”

Enneagram & Coffee is a leading podcast dedicated to exploring the nine Enneagram personality types and their applications in various aspects of life. With its engaging discussions and informative content, the podcast has captured the attention of listeners worldwide who seek personal growth and self-discovery.

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About Mary Adkins

Mary Adkins is a writing coach and founder of The Book Incubator, a 12-month program to write, revise, and pitch your novel or memoir. She is the author of the novels When You Read This (Indie Next Pick, “Best Book of 2019” by Good Housekeeping and Real Simple), Privilege (Today(dot)com) “Best Summer Read,” New York Post “Best Book of the Week”), and Palm Beach (recently named one of the New York Post’s “Best Books of 2021”). Her books have been published in 13 countries, and her essays and reporting have appeared in the New York Times, The Atlantic, Slate, and more.

As a graduate of Yale Law School and Duke University, she helps aspiring authors finish their fiction books and memoirs with joy and clarity. She is also the host of The First Draft Club podcast. Her new memoir, about her own fertility journey, is due to come out in early 2024.

Interested to learn how to write your own fiction novel or share your personal story? Learn more about Mary’s 12-month Book Incubator program:







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