Audra Agen Named “Celebrate You Woman of the Year 2022”

Audra Agen is the Celebrate You Woman of the Year 2022. This prestigious award recognizes Audra’s exceptional achievements in embodying the core values of Celebrate You and making a positive impact in the world.

“Our community celebrates our spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and financial well-being. Daily we are transforming by reaching for the highest and best versions of ourselves and encouraging others to do the same. We believe that when we truly celebrate ourselves, we can then transform the lives of our family, our community, the nation, and the world, “said Founder LaWanna Bradford.

The Celebrate You Woman of the Year award, now in its third and final year, honors women who not only rise above challenges but also exemplify the key principles of Celebrate You. These women serve as role models, inspiring others to love and celebrate themselves mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially.

Audra Agen’s remarkable accomplishments and dedication to personal growth have set her apart as a deserving recipient of this esteemed accolade.

Reflecting on her selection, Audra expressed deep gratitude and humility, stating,

“What an incredible honor to be selected as the CY Woman of the Year 2022. It took me a moment to fully comprehend the magnitude of this distinguished title. CY is an organization full of incredible, intelligent, accomplished, and world-changing women that are all deserving of recognition for their contributions. To single me out for doing something I am being called to do is humbling. I’m grateful to each one of these women because they embraced me and changed me for the better.”

As the recipient of this award, Audra aims to utilize her platform to enrich the lives of individuals within the Celebrate You community and beyond. She is committed to amplifying women’s voices, elevating their contributions, and breaking down barriers. Audra firmly believes in the power of unity and the strength that lies in recognizing our shared humanity. She aspires to foster a sense of community and create opportunities for positive change.

Looking ahead, Audra plans to extend her work through “Woman in the Arena” her empowering platform. She expressed her desire to delve deeper into personal stories, stating,

“I’d like to hear more stories in person. An hour never seems to be enough to fully understand my guest, where they came from, and what compels them forward. Walking in the shoes of these women for a day and documenting the journey would be a great way to thoroughly tell these stories.”

Audra leaves aspiring women with a powerful quote that has transformed her own life: “Don’t waste your anger.”

She elaborated on its meaning, saying,

“Anger is energy, just like any other emotion. You have two choices with which to respond to your anger; you can succumb to the flames of anger and allow it to incinerate you from the inside out. That choice will leave you scarred and empty. The second choice is to use it as fuel, not destructive in nature, but that kind of fuel that propels you forward, that allows you to change your mindset, circumstances, and your community. The women around you that are forces in their drive for change for themselves and for those around them got angry first.”

Celebrate You congratulates Audra Agen on her outstanding accomplishments and looks forward to witnessing the positive impact she will continue to make as the Celebrate You Woman of the Year 2022.

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