Arthur Cohen, Founder of Arthur Cohen Insurance, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing Annuities

Arthur Cohen discusses understanding annuities: a safe haven for retirement planning

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Annuities are a valuable and secure option for retirement planning, providing a reliable way to ensure future financial stability. Arthur Cohen, the founder of Arthur Cohen Insurance, discusses the importance of annuities as a crucial component of common-sense safe money management in retirement planning. Cohen highlights that some annuities offer a way to safeguard funds without exposure to the risks of the stock market.

Cohen explains that fixed guaranteed annuities and “index annuities” serve as a safe haven for retirement savings. The multi-year guaranteed plans operate similarly to a bank CD but with the added benefit of tax-deferred interest earnings. With index annuities, you can participate in the gains of the stock market without participating in the losses. This takes risk off the table.

Arthur also discusses the importance of income annuities. These create an income stream that lasts for a lifetime, just like social security income. Each type serves a specific purpose in retirement planning, offering options for individuals based on their financial goals and needs.   The emphasis is on “safe money”.

Additionally, Cohen emphasizes the importance of aligning annuity choices with individual circumstances. He introduces the “Rule of 100,” a retirement planning tool that helps determine the percentage of savings that should be subject to risk versus safe investments like annuities. By tailoring annuity selections to factors such as age, income needs, and risk tolerance, individuals can create a personalized retirement strategy that ensures financial stability in the long term.

Arthur shared: “Annuities definitely need to be part of your strategy as you move into retirement. Not necessarily for all of your money, just the money that you want to be safe.

He underscores the common-sense approach of utilizing annuities as a valuable and secure option for retirement planning. By incorporating annuities into a comprehensive financial strategy, individuals can mitigate risks, generate guaranteed income streams, and protect their savings, ultimately ensuring a stable financial future in retirement.

Arthur said: “We protect people against dying too soon, and the very real likelihood of living too long. Longevity planning is essential. Of course, protecting your family is very important, but there’s nothing worse than living a long life and running out of money.”


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