Anti-Burnout Coach Sy Sierra Reveals How Women In Business Can Avoid Burnout on the Journey to Success On Influencers Radio

Burnout seems to be one of the most common symptoms of success, especially for women who have built successful careers.   It can cause feelings of exhaustion, and lack of motivation.  Energy levels and self-confidence can begin to decline, and the impact can take a toll on physical and mental health.

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, Anti-Burnout Coach Sy Sierra discussed how she is helping corporate women to avoid and overcome burnout.

During the interview, Sy explained why smart, successful women can find themselves on the path to burnout without realizing it, saying, “The biggest trap is the fact that no one realizes there’s a problem. They think it’s part of the corporate environment…When I started experiencing burnout, I was just extremely tired, I was fatigued, and I was working endless hours thinking that this is normal…like resting is lazy. So of course, I was tired, but I thought that was normal. I wasn’t able to separate my work life and my personal life, especially when you’re talking about working from home. A lot of people work from their kitchen, and they’re checking emails 24/7, so they’re not able to separate that work dynamic from their home dynamic and that can sneak into, ‘okay, well, this is acceptable behavior’. Another example is when you need stimulants in order to function. There was a point in time in which I needed five cups of coffee a day, and I thought that was normal because it just kept me awake and alert and on top of my work schedule. At night I rewarded myself with a glass of wine and that turned out to be every day because I used the excuse of thinking, ‘Well, I deserve it’. A lot of people are doing that, and they don’t notice that these are symptoms, but they don’t necessarily think that this is a problem.”

Sy’s diverse experience comes from years of working on Wall Street in global leadership positions. The high-pressure work culture forced her to seek a healthier lifestyle. Learning yoga and meditation was just the beginning of her journey. She sought deeper answers to bigger questions by taking annual pilgrimages to India which led her to learn other healing modalities. Her qualifications grew to include registered Yoga & Meditation instructor, NLP Practitioner, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Sports & Fitness Trainer, and Leadership Coach.

Since taking her health and well-being into her own hands it has been Sy’s passion to learn and practice techniques that could bring balance to her life. Today she is helping others use holistic tools to bring balance and clarity to their lives.

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